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Athlete Sponsorships

2015 Athlete Sponsorship Application


Thank you for your interest in pursuing team sponsorship with Hammer Nutrition. Sponsorship proposals for 2015 will be accepted from September 1 to November 30, 2014. While we would enjoy accommodating all of the 1,000+ applications we receive, our annual sponsorship budget will only allow us to accommodate a small handpicked group of elite representatives. These representatives must possess an ideal combination of superior athletic accomplishments, an active role as ambassadors of their chosen sport, and a passion for Hammer Nutrition products and the results from using them!

Prior to submitting your sponsorship application, please recognize that, in addition to your initial investment of time and effort in meeting application conditions, you are required throughout the sponsorship year to adhere to the following:

  • Race Reports/Athlete updates: As a sponsored athlete, you will be required to submit regular race/training reports, along with photos (high resolution 1MB+, copyright-free images with photographer information included) clearly featuring the Hammer Nutrition logo. Frequency of these updates will depend on your training and race schedule, but the more contact the better.
  • Customer Referrals: You MUST be willing to promote our products by eagerly talking to other athletes about Hammer Nutrition and visiting shops in your area to encourage them to carry more Hammer Nutrition products. Referral activity is required and monitored for all sponsored athletes.
  • Product Testimonials: We appreciate your feedback about our products and other athletes will too! You will need to share your opinions about Hammer Nutrition products online through product reviews at websites such as Epinions.com, Amazon.com, RoadBikeReview.com, and others.
  • Essential Knowledge: Read and become familiar with both The Hammer Nutrition Fuels and Supplements - Everything You Need To Know, and The Endurance Athlete's GUIDE to SUCCESS. You will need to become familiar with Hammer Nutrition's fueling philosophies and principles, not only for your own success in your athletic endeavors but also for other athletes/friends who may ask you for advice regarding proper fueling.
  • Brand Representation: You must train or race in Hammer Nutrition apparel, OR at least have our logo prominently displayed on your clothing, helmet, equipment, etc.
  • Be a responsible and positive representative of your chosen sport: While top finishes are important and certainly something we hope you attain, we aspire to sponsor athletes who are high-quality representatives of their sport. In essence, you are an "in the field" representative, and the image you portray is a direct reflection of us as well.

Individual Sponsorship Terms/Conditions:

  • We offer NO monetary sponsorships: If you are seeking monetary support, do not submit a sponsorship application. If sponsorship is granted, it will be for varying levels of product and clothing discounts and/or allotments.
  • Conflicting Sponsorship: We require that you do not have a concurrent sponsorship with any other supplement or fueling company while being sponsored by us. You must use and endorse only Hammer Nutrition fuels and supplements. If you currently have sponsorship from ANY other company that sells or markets energy drinks, bars, gels, supplements, etc., please do not submit a sponsorship application.
  • Order History: We prefer that you have an order history with us. We're looking to sponsor athletes that have a passion for our products with extensive personal experience and results using them. If you haven't used Hammer Nutrition products before, do not submit a sponsorship request.

IF you are certain that you meet all of the above criteria, please apply for sponsorship following the guidelines below:

All online applications must be submitted through our online application form or by mail (address listed at bottom of the page). Our online form must be filled out completely, and will accept file attachments for our consideration (word documents, PDFs, photos and other media you'd like to provide). While the form outlines much of the information we require in an application make sure when preparing a resume or cover letter to consider the following:

  • Include your complete contact information (name, address, phone number, email address, and web site/blog URL, if applicable)
  • A letter explaining how you currently or intend to promote Hammer Nutrition in your community.
  • Brief resume/history or race results, primarily focusing on the 2013/14 season.
  • List of Hammer Nutrition products that you currently use.
  • A very clear explanation of the sponsorship arrangement you are requesting and your needs from Hammer Nutrition as a sponsor.
  • IF you require an answer before 12/31/2014, be sure to include the date by which you need a reply and we'll do our best to meet your timeline.
  • The content of your resume/proposal is more important to us than presentation, and it need not be formal or lengthy. We request concise application documents describing who you are, what you've done, what your future goals are, your experiences with Hammer Nutrition products, and how you plan to promote Hammer if your proposal is accepted.

We prefer to receive sponsorship requests via our online form, but will accept requests via physical mail (please no phone calls). If you submit a sponsorship application, please do so via one method only, not both!

Please submit your application online or by mail (address below).

Mailing Address:
Hammer Nutrition
Attn: Sponsorship Team
4952 Whitefish Stage Rd
Whitefish, MT 59937

You will receive a reply confirming that we have received your request, and one of our Hammer Nutrition Sponsorship Coordinators will respond formally before December 31, 2014.