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I was asked about my nutrition plan for the recent Leadville 100 MTB race that I did. I was the TOP Florida finisher! Another Florida group did NOT finish because of nutrition problems. I went through 4 bottles of Sustained Energy, 1.5 shots of Hammer Gel and 3 bottles of HEED mixed at 1.5 scoops per bottle. I finish my epic races in the TOP 10-20% of every race and finish strong because of the Hammer Nutrition products. They work better than ANYTHING on the market, PERIOD! - Gary Stern

This past summer I decided to start playing competitive tennis. It never occurred to me how much endurance is needed for playing singles tennis. During my first ever tournament everything that could go wrong, went wrong. The conditions were hot (100 degree court temps) and I had back to back matches (that lasted 6 hours straight) with little time for recovery. Then it hit me, why not use the same Hammer products that I use for running/biking. I started drinking Sustained Energy/Perpetuem and it has made a huge difference in my endurance. I haven't had to use pain-relievers since I started using both products. Keep up the great work. Thanks Hammer! - Jacqlyn D.

I just completed riding RAGBRAI and I used Sustained Energy and Hammer Gels for fuel. The fuels worked great! Thank you. I had energy and didn't feel drained due to lack of fuel (only due to the heat and humidity). I'll continue to use your products. - Julie J.

I recently had a 100 mile Century event on a Saturday & a Metric Century the next day. My Century time was under 4:20 & my Metric Century was under 2:40. The only fuel I used throughout both events was old faithful Sustained Energy! - David K.

I rode my first Century Bike Ride this past Saturday. I use Endurolytes, Perpetuem, and Sustained Energy during my ride and Recoverite at the conclusion of the ride. I am so pleased how the products worked. I had energy during the entire ride and no leg cramps. Legs never felt burned out and were ready to go again. I have and I will continue to share my experience of how well Hammer nutrition contributed to my successful ride. Thanks! - MIchael R.

Thanks to Hammer Nutrition for allowing me to successfully complete my first ever ultra cycle event, the Ride Across Indiana (RAIN). I used Sustained Energy, HEED and Endurolytes and in the hot humid conditions I had lots of energy and no cramping!
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- Mike Randall

I have been experimenting with various Hammer products with my running. Today on my long run I mixed Sustained Energy and some Hammer Gel with a little water to make a syrupy fuel bottle. That plus the Endurolytes I love so much now and it has to be the best long run I've ever had. I'm amazed, and convinced. You guys have a new regular customer! - John D.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making such awesome products. I started using Hammer products about 4 months ago in training for my first Ironman. I have done two 1/2 Ironmans, many marathons and ultra marathons in the past, and have always crashed and burned in the end. I just completed my 3rd 1/2 Ironman and used nothing but Sustained Energy, Heed, Endurolytes and Hammer Gels - and felt the best I've ever felt in a race. I know your products have changed the way I feel during training and racing. I know with confidence that I will be properly fueled in my IM as I use your products, so thank you!!! I absolutely love that y'all put such detailed information on each product. Thanks again - I love your products!! - Jacqui Duke

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you for the great products you produce. I've been hooked for the last six years and Sustained Energy, Endurolytes and Recoverite made my first Ironman a blast. This past June it was again Endurolytes and Sustained Energy that got me through the longest swim of my life where I placed third in my age group 35-40 at the Swim Around Key West race. Thanks again for all you do! - Clay Malloy

I was looking at a particularly difficult Century ride this past weekend and knew from previous rides that unless I made some changes in the way I handled fueling I probably would not bee able to complete the ride. As I was searching the web for that "miracle fuel" I happened upon your website and got to reading about Sustained Energy and because I am a technical type person your "science" approach to why and how Sustained Energy works convinced me to try it. All I can say is - WOW! I completed the ride and except for a little stiffness in the neck and shoulder muscles I DID NOT feel like I'd ridden 104 miles. You have made a believer out of me. So thanks for producing a product that actually works and thanks for being such a big contributor in making my 1st Century a success! - Raye S.

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