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Super Antioxidant Testimonials

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Super Antioxidant has been a part of my recovery regimen for over 10 years! They help me 'bounce back' to train another key workout that week. Super Antioxidant also boosts my immune system to fight those free radicals from hard training days. I know it has played an important role in my XTERRA racing and marathon training. - Lois Marquart

I've used Super Antioxidant for the last 5 years. Once I started using Super Antioxidant, post workout soreness/fatigue was minimized and often eliminated completely. I come back from intense efforts not only feeling better, but stronger. Combined with Recoverite, they are an integral part of my recovery. I typically take 2 within 15-20 minutes after every workout. Super Antioxidant is definitely a valuable part of my training and racing regimen, allowing me to "drop the hammer" on the competition! - Gary Stern

This is the secret weapon... nothing better for recovery. Training for an Ironman you need to put in a ton of work with very few days off and you need to have the ability to recover, especially from those hard workouts, and Super Antioxidant did just that. This is the only product I do not want to tell my competition about! Great product. - John Marshall, Triathlete

I have been a Hammer customer for a while, and never before have I been a believer in Super Antioxidant as this past weekend. I trained only 4.5 weeks for the Disney Goofy Challenge (1/2 and full marathons back-to-back) due to interviewing and sickness. I used Super Antioxidant in addition to the Tissue Rejuvenator, Whey Protein, Mito Caps, and other Hammer supplements that I've relied on. I attribute my decent shape, and the supplements, to returning to work on Monday with little to no pain or cramping. It was amazing - and my friends were simply dumbfounded. Thank you for your information - and for the great products!!! - Kevin M.

Super Antioxidant is wonderful as I use it after a hard workout along with Xobaline for recovery and it is amazing!! - Gregg Steren

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