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Seat Saver Testimonials

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Thank you Hammer for making the best chamois cream ever. I love Seat Saver. Today I used it for a 6 hour mountain bike ride with two 1:30 hour climbs. I was comfortable the whole time. I like how dry it is and as you say a little goes a long way. This is just another of Hammer's great line of products. My riding will be much more enjoyable from now on. Thank You! - Wendy Skean

2010 marks the first year that I've used this product. Riding through the hot, sweaty Tucson summer usually leaves me with a number of occasions experiencing saddle discomfort issues, sometimes bad enough to keep me off the bike for a few days. This year, using Seat Saver before every ride, as well as applying a small amount after every shower, I've encountered no issues and have found a big difference in saddle comfort throughout my long on- and off-road rides, many of them usually into the 4 to 6 hour time frame. I wish I would have made the switch a long time ago. - Tom N.

I just had to send you a note back to let you know that I tried the Seat Saver this weekend with the 2010 cycling shorts and it was awesome!! I had NO chaffing at all afterwards. I was SO excited because I really do love those shorts and hated to not be able to wear them. I'm ordering a big supply of seat saver today!! - Lynn Howe

I recently had surgery for a labrum tear in my shoulder that involved almost total immobilization of my arm. I could not find a way to stop the irritation (and other problems) created by my arm being against my body. Then I thought of Seat Saver...It worked immediately! I am so thankful that you have natural products that work so well. Thank you! Looking forward for more. - Kimberly LeGrand

Wonderful! I now realize that all the other chamois cream products I have tried and/or used are, well, a waste of money. - Paul O

I just wanted to comment on the Seat Saver product. It ROCKS! I am someone that always has some discomfort while riding, have tried many products without 100% satisfaction until I received and tried Seat Saver. It truly is amazing at how just a small amount works so well. Thank you for once again creating a solid product! - Mindy Soranno

I would love to give big ups to the man/woman that decided to make the product called Seat Saver. Brian Frank decided it would be a good idea to bring some on his veno tour of Italy and boy and my butt has never been so thankful. Brian thought that I would be a good candidate for the Seat Saver, and I do have to say that I love it and I'm addicted. Your product is cool literally! - Danny Beck

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated having the Seat Saver Chamois Cream on my recent two-week bicycling tour of Italy. I've used many different kinds of chamois creams over the past 20 years, but Seat Saver stands out for its effectiveness, high quality ingredients and pleasing scent. I'm a convert now. - Colleen Crane

For someone who is prone to saddle sores and chafing, I am extremely pleased with the protection that your new Seat Saver chamois cream has to offer. I arrived at the February Hammer Camp in Tucson with less time in the saddle then I had hoped for to prepare for the mileage ahead, so I thought it a perfect opportunity to put your Seat Saver to the test. After 6 consecutive days of riding, 310+ miles, and 19 + hours in the saddle, I finished out the week with absolutely no saddle soreness, bruising, chafing or irritation of any kind. Not only that, the product smells really good! - Kathleen McCormick

Seat Saver is the best I've ever used! I used it on a century ride last year and was amazed how well it worked! - Fred T.

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