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Phytomax Testimonials

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I've come to use Phytomax regularly, not only because it helps me get enough greens, but also for the acid-base balance in my body. Many athletes don't think about their acid-base balance, but improving this will greatly help your body deal with lactic acid! - Eddy Hilger

Wanted to drop a note of gratitude for the continued effectiveness of your products! I have been taking Phytomax for one month and have noticed some definite changes in my overall energy level and health (am prone to summer allergies but I believe the Phytomax really helps with that). - Ashley Hirt

Shortly after I got my shipment I wound up reading the article in a Hammer newsletter about supplementing with Phytomax in the winter for because of not getting fresh local grown veggies in the winter where I live. SO....I started taking Phytomax now with my daily regiment of Hammer supplements and WOW! I have more energy, I am sleeping better and generally feeling better! Thanks! - Kristy Klein

I use Phytomax everyday. Since using it I no longer have that afternoon crash on the drive home. This is great for me, since being tired on the drive is so easy to use as an excuse to slack off on training. Now I am home and hitting the workouts without fail, and with great motivation. Thanks for a great product! - Paul Ozier

With Phytomax, I know that my body is getting much more of what it desperately needs and the resulting energy and other benefits are well worth the pennies per day this product gives me. Thanks for providing us with the best "green food" product on the market today! - Lincoln Murdoch

As much as I would like to believe that I include enough "greens" in my daily diet, I really don't do so consistently. Including three Phytomax capsules in my daily supplement regimen helps ensure that I'm getting those essential nutrients, every single day. - Mike Llerandi

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