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Pelle Eccellente Testimonials

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Wow! This stuff is great. I have never had a hand moisturizer that worked for 2 to 3 days. I let a few of my co-workers try it one day and the next morning everyone was commenting about how well it worked. A day or two later a few asked for more. One girl said she is going to have to order some. Great stuff! - Paul O.

The Pelle Eccellente is out-freakin-rageous! As a swim coach I spend up to 4 hours in the "chlorine chamber"... and my skin burns. Pelle Eccellente is my revival! - Shane E.

I recently purchased six tubes of the new hammer Pelle Eccellente hydrating skin cream and I am extremely pleased on how well it works and the pleasant aroma. I keep a tube in my vehicle, at work and of course at home. PE makes my skin soft and keeps my skin hydrated all day long. Friends have commented on how healthy I look. I especially like PE on my legs as they usually very dry and PE makes my skin look like I'm Italian. With PE grit and gnats don't stick to my legs while cycling or running. Thanks again Hammer for another great product! A+ - Mike L.

I've had eczema on my fingers for whatever reason but this stuff stopped it dead. I mean NO scaling, no peeling and no itch. I don't get it. But I'm buying more. I think I was a victim of pool chemicals and riding in all weather, no idea. I'm getting some for my 79 year old mom who shares this malady. Thanks again! - David I.

I've been struggling for years with dry, cracked skin on my feet from miles and miles of running, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, etc. -- I've tried 4 other products over the years with minimal effect. In the last couple of weeks I've been applying your Pelle Eccellente daily after showering. It's awesome! My feet haven't looked and felt this good in years. I don't know which of the ingredients is doing the trick, but you've definitely got something right with this one for sure! Thanks! - David K.

I'm a 42 year old female triathlete who mainly trains for half iron distance, with the first full iron distance later this year. I recently tried the free sample of Pelle Eccellente that was sent with my last Auto Shipment. All I can say is "WOW"! Hammer Nutrition totally hit the mark on this amazing all natural hydrating skin cream. I used it on my hands which rapidly looked years younger since they were finally getting hydrated, not just moisturized. Then I thought I'd try it around the delicate eye area because (a) who doesn't want to look better in that area and (b) my swim goggles always make me look tired from the circles. Oh my gosh! The circles disappear within minutes, instead of hours and I have also seen a noticeable difference in fine lines too. This is a true miracle cream! Forget spending all the extra money on the latest high dollar lotions and potions to look years younger...this is the bomb! I sure wish I had taken before and after photos. - Gena A.

I used the Pelle Eccellente before the race and it worked wonders. My skin was still moist after being in the salt water for umpteen hours. Took 2nd overall at the World Championships-Molokai to Oahu. 32 miles. First time on the bigger board so it was challenging to maneuver, but you live and learn! Next year will be better! Aloha! - Joanna B.

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