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Mito Caps Testimonials

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I find that my immune function is far better with Mito Caps. I now can train and like I did when I was a full-time athlete 15 years ago but I regenerate better! - Stuart Kremzner

I just tried E-caps Mito Caps supplement and wow--I have never noticed such a difference so quickly with any supplement before. My order was waiting for me as I returned home from a 75 mile bike/7 mile run workout, and I took one with my recovery meal. The next day I had a tough swim workout planned, and to my surprise I didn't feel nearly as trashed as I normally do after a hard day. I took another Mito cap after my swim, and went for a planned short recovery ride after lunch. Well I felt so good I ended up riding about 50 miles. Took another Mito cap with dinner and was wondering about my planned tempo ride the following day. Woke up and felt great, and ended up with a "training PR" for the tempo portion. This was one of the strongest 3-day training blocks I've ever done, and I was definitely a lot less sore after my key workouts. Mito Caps will be an essential recovery supplement for me now! - Robin Oswald

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I love the Mito Caps. I am a 41 year old runner who does Tae Bo as well. For the past year, I have had times of extreme fatigue that lasted up to a week. My doctors said that this can be a normal experience for some one my age. They told me that there was nothing they could do, and no vitamin would help. I was told I had to "just ride it out". My wife and I both use HEED and Endurolytes, and we read about the Mito Caps in the catalog. I decided to give them a try. I bought one bottle - and have been taking them as directed for three weeks. I feel like a new person - or rather the person I used to be. I plan to share this information with my doctors. I just placed an order for more. Not only has my performance during exercise improved - I feel better overall. I did not have my normal "week of fatigue". I am sleeping better, and I feel "sharper" mentally. I actually can't believe how well they work! Thanks for another great product! - John Cheetham

I got another supply of Mito Caps because those have been amazing in the last week! My recovery and daily energy levels have shown great improvement since starting them last week. Rounded up another 1st place at our local MTB XC series on Saturday and looking forward to Sea Otter! Thanks for such great products to give me an edge! - Brian Butler

I have been using Mito Caps and Race Caps Supreme during my off season and I have NEVER felt better. Since I raced Ironman AZ in November, I have been focusing on strength & core training, light swimming and running. I take 3-6 Mito Caps and 1-3 Race Caps per day. I feel like my body has recovered and absorbed all of the off season rest. My weight is below what I usually expect in the off season. I am laying down some low intensity base work right now and I just feel great. I completely understand the overall health and performance benefits that these products provide during heavy training and during the off season. Thanks Hammer! - Jeremy Johnson

Had a great tri season ( two first place relays, one second and one third place). I love your products..Mito Caps, Endurolytes, Tissue Rejuvenator, Perpetuem as well as HEED and Recoverite!! I use your products daily and during races. You guys are phenomenal. Keep up the great work and the excellent science! - Joan W.

Just wanted to let you know that I used the MITO CAPS this am before a half marathon and I placed third in my age group!! Thank you Hammer!! - Amy G.

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