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Endurolytes Fizz Testimonials

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Thank you for coming up with Endurolytes Fizz! (grapefruit--great flavor). What took you so long? Seriously, it's a great product! I love it! - Eric M.

The FIZZ added to unflavored HEED has really added to the flavor options. GREAT JOB!!! - John K.

Thanks for making such a great product! Mango Endurolytes Fizz helped me beat the heat and humidity at the 2011 junior road nationals in Augusta Georgia while Orange-Vanilla Perpetuem helped me power through every mile! - Ellis A.

We rock climbed in 100 degree weather yesterday and the Endurolytes Fizz kept us going! Thanks so much! - Kim D.

By the way, I used the Endurolytes Fizz and the Sustained Energy on a backpacking trip in the Great Smoky Mountains this past weekend. They worked well as usual. The weather was unseasonably hot and I carried a 50 lb. pack. The Fizz was the bomb! - Steve C.

Had my friends try the Endurolytes Fizz on an over 80 degree training run. Now they can't stop talking about it! Thank you! I've turned all my running buddies to Hammer products. Now I just need to get them to order from the website, instead of going to the store. Thanks Hammer! - Kristen S.

I have to give a testimony for the Fizz. My usage of Endurolytes has decreased dramatically due to the effectiveness of the Fizz in my carry bottle. Not only that, but it is so very convenient! I love the Fizz! - Todd H.

I have been trying two of Hammer's new products, the Endurolytes Fizz and Perpetuem Solids. Both are freakin awesome! The FIZZ tablets seem to settle my stomach and the Perpetuem Solids are handy, in that it frees up a bottle and that they can be taken as needed. - Tim D.

Tried Endurolytes Fizz this week for the first time and that stuff is FANTASTIC! I don't even want to share it with my running buddies because I'm afraid they'll hoard all of my stash once they taste it... The Fizz is an excellent addition to the lineup! - Heidi V.

Your unflavored Endurolytes Fizz was an outstanding addition. I was trying to figure out which fizz to add to the Latte Perpetuem. Thanks for all you do and offer. - Wayne A.

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