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Endurance Amino Testimonials

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I am impressed with the addition of Endurance Amino. You have been the most reliable company with outstanding products, coming out with only the best grade products. I have used your products for some years now and look forward to another season using them. Thank you for all products and information! - Jan

Tested Endurance Amino, Anti-Fatigue Caps, and Perpetuem this past weekend mountaineering the White Mountains in NH. All I can say is...WOW! - Nick B.

Hammer, I think you have just released the magic pill or maybe the fountain of youth pill. Endurance Amino is very special. I am training for the Breck Epic stage race this summer. I have raced many 24 hour races and 100 milers but never something like I will experience at Breck Epic. I tried to simulate the conditions by riding 4 days for 6 hours each with lots of climbing. I had never done something of this intensity for so many days. I used Endurance Amino as was suggested and I just felt stronger as the hours went by and the trails kept going up. At the end of each day's ride it felt like I had only been riding a short time. Each morning the legs felt like I had not ridden the day before. I never had any burning feeling in my legs. Endurance Amino made the many hours and miles extremely enjoyable. I will never go on a long ride without Endurance Amino. I am 64 years old. Thank you Hammer for keeping me young! - Wendy S.

Was I just having a great day on the mountain bike when I turned in my 3 fastest laps ever at Ft. Yargo? I mean three new personal record laps in a row! Or was it because I recently added Endurance Amino to my arsenal? I feel it is the new supplement along with the other Hammer Nutrition products that I use every day. I have had several above average training rides since incorporating Endurance Amino into my plan. I can hardly wait to use it in the next 6 hour race in May! - Paul O.

Having received supplements from you for quite some time I have started using the Endurance Amino and Anti Fatigue Caps which is like rocket fuel for the human machine! I take two of each before my run then on to my bike ride. I run 4 miles, ride 40, run 4 and then ride 40. This usually takes around 4.6 hours and I owe it all to the unreal Endurance Amino, HEED and the Anti Fatigue caps. I sure wish all the businesses in the US had the great customer service you exhibit from all your associates - always kind, willing to answer questions and help you with explanations and down right friendly! - Walter Butch Weir

I wanted to mention how well Endurance Amino and Anti-Fatigue Caps worked for me recently. At the Leadville 100 Trail Run a few weeks ago I was taking 2 Endurance Amino and 2 AF Caps per hour. Although I struggled big time with the high altitude (the race is above 10,000' and includes a double crossing of 12,600' Hope Pass) my legs felt great. This flatlander was just able to finish in 29:51. The Endurance Amino really kept me focused. I was never sleepy despite being up for over 36 hours straight! - Geoffry S. Baker

I have discovered this Endurance Amino to be one of the most effective Hammer products for me, especially with regards to recovery. For most every workout now, I take 4 caps along with some Endurolytes at the beginning and then 4 more at the end of the workout along with Recoverite. Big difference. Amazing!! - Chris M.

I just won the California MTB XC state championship in Napa on Sunday for the Expert 30-39 class. It was HOT! I used 2 Endurance Amino's, 3 Race Caps and 2 Anti-Fatigue Caps before the race. I also used the Endurolyte powder in my HEED filled bottle. PERFECT! Thanks for making the best super power products available! - Brian Butler

I've added the Endurance Amino to my repertoire. It's so neat to be able to be this confident in my nutritional approach. I cannot tell you how many people come into the bike shop and I end up with them for 15-20 minutes talking about their races and what Hammer product I think they should use. I always enjoy it, and this happens quite frequently, when they return and talk about how great they felt, or how great the event went for them. You (Hammer) make me look like a genius. - Michael Arenberg

I just wanted to drop a note about Endurance Amino. What a great amino supplement! I have tried others, but none compare to Hammer's. I've noticed a great difference during 50+ mountain bike rides. I have better endurance, better recovery, and even a better mood! - Jennifer Turner, Mountain Biker

I can not say enough good things about Endurance Amino. I used it as directed and feel like a totally different rider. I have raced two long cross country races on consecutive weekends. I raced Whiskey 50 and the next weekend raced the Idyllwild Spring Challenge 30 miler. The week in between I only took one day off and each ride I felt like going harder. I have never had the kind of power as I have felt since using Endurance Amino. As the hours go by I feel stronger. I take 4 pills after a long ride and the next day I don't even know I had worked hard the day before. I certainly wouldn't replace any of Hammer's other products but Endurance Amino is number one for me. - Todd Vralsted

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