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Digest Caps Testimonials

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I often have painful bloating that is exacerbated with certain foods. I have found that if I'm taking Digest Caps regularly, I no longer notice any painful bloating problems, and found that I recover faster from my workouts. - Allison Hardy, Pro Triathlete

I started using digest caps about 2 months ago. Without going into details, I can say that without a doubt this is the best product on the market to aid in regular waste elimination and keeping the system clean and light. - John Flynn

My sister-in-law has been suffering from acid reflux and some other digestive issues for years. She happened to be at our house for Easter when I told her about Digest Caps and what they have done for me. I gave her what I had, half a bottle, and she told me that they have made a big difference for her. Pretty cool! I'm out and I have noticed a difference too. Not a good difference. Loading up on DC's this time for everyone. - Wendy Skean

I have been using Digest caps for many years. I always keep some on hand. I use them after I have had a cold, and especially after using Antibiotics. Digest Caps get you back on track and build those good bacteria back up. Thank you Hammer Nutrition for a great product!! - Cameron Holland

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