30-Minute EMS Consultation

The Primer: Discover the Benefits of Compex with the Help of our Experts


To gain the best possible benefits and value from this powerful device, you'll need to become familiar with the basic functions of your EMS, including charging the device, and proper cable and pad connection.

In addition, with our 30-Minute Consultation you will learn:

  • Navigation through the various programs stored within your unit
  • Placement of the electrodes over the muscles you plan to stimulate
  • Proper starting level of stimulation for the programs you use daily

Your consultation will take place over the phone with a friendly and knowledgeable Compex/EMS expert. Our experts have years of hands on EMS experience.

Not only will your questions be answered, but you will have a plan of action to get the most out of your Compex unit. You will be able to follow up via email directly to your client advisor.

Length: 30 Minutes