Why do some of your products now list both a "Manufacture" date and a "Best by" date?


Traditionally, supplements were labeled with an expiration, "Best by," or "Use by" date, usually four years from the time of manufacture, in accordance with the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) guidelines. However, the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines and regulations have been recently updated. Therefore, a number of Hammer Nutrition products now display a "Manufacture" date on the label (oftentimes listed as MFG). For example, a product manufactured on January 17, 2012 will display "MFG 011712."

Hammer Nutrition supplements will list a "Manufacture" date on the label, shown as MFG. One should have no concern regarding the quality or freshness of our supplements, as long as the product has not aged more than four years since the MFG date shown on the bottle or label. (Note: Make sure that products avoid excessive heat and/or sunlight.)

"Best by" date is the recommended date by which you should consume a product for best results.

Hammer Gels will have both a MFG and "Best by" date.

Vegan powders will have an EXP date.

All other Powders and Perpetuem Solids will have a "Best By" date.

Hammer Bars and Endurolytes Fizz will still list an expiration date on the label. For optimal quality and freshness, these products should be consumed prior to the expiration date.

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