Which Endurolytes product should I use?


The time-tested Endurolytes formula comes in three forms—capsules, powder, and effervescent tablets—each of which has its advantages. The encapsulated formula may be the best option, simply because in consuming them you will know with greater precision, as compared to an unknown amount consumed via a drink from a water bottle, exactly how much electrolytic mineral support your body is receiving.

For convenience, however, the powdered version of Endurolytes is hard to beat. Keep in mind, though, that this form of Endurolytes may not always dissolve completely, which means that at some point some of it tends to settle to the bottom of the water bottle or hydration system. As a result, if you’re using Endurolytes Powder we recommend that you not use it in a hydration system, but rather a water bottle, and that you give the bottle a good shake prior to consumption.

For both convenience and to subtly and deliciously enhance the flavor of your water, Endurolytes Fizz is your best option.

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