Which Hammer products are gluten-free?


All Hammer Nutrition products - with one possible exception, discussed shortly - are gluten free.

During Dr. Bill Misner's tenure here at Hammer Nutrition, he noted, "I have no record of any Celiac patient reporting allergenic reaction to Hammer Nutrition products between 1995-2008. I have advised several Celiac patients and GI allergy-sensitive athletes during these years both and as an employee and currently a retired nutrition scientist Ph.D."

"Hammer Nutrition products are essentially gluten-free, and should be well-tolerated. There is one exception, (though not always). One ingredient in Super Antioxidant, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), is an endogenous antioxidant enzyme in formula, typically processed before the gluten effectively forms. But, if even the slightest error in the premature timing of harvest occurs, it could potentially generate a miniscule gluten fraction. At this date, we have not received any report of any of our products inducing a gluten-sensitivity reaction."

So with the remote possibility of the SOD component in Super Antioxidant, you can rest assured knowing that all Hammer products are gluten free.

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