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By Steve Born

Steve Born, Hammer Nutrition's Fueling Expert
Steve Born
Steve's decade-plus of involvement in the sports nutrition industry, as well as nearly 15 years of independent research in nutritional fueling and supplementation, has given him unmatched familiarity with the myriad product choices available to athletes.
Mitochondria need certain substrates to maintain efficient energy production; that's where the nutrients in Race Caps Supreme come in. Certain antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, CoQ10, and idebenone help protect cells from the continuous onslaught of free radicals. But what about literally delaying, or even reversing, mitochondrial aging? What about restoring capabilities to more youthful levels? Antioxidants such as vitamins C and E, CoQ10, and idebenone help protect cells, but can't do the whole job. What if there were nutrients available that would not only complement, enhance, and extend the capabilities of those nutrients, but also provide phenomenal benefits of their own, benefits that until now were simply not believed to be possible?

Ames' extraordinary studies have identified just such nutrients: acetyl l-carnitine (ALC) and r-alpha lipoic acid (r-ALA). When Ames and his researchers fed older rats these two nutrients, both of which occur naturally in some amounts in the body's cells, the results surprised them. Not only did the older rats perform better on memory tests, they had more vigor, and the mitochondria in their cells worked better. Ames' studies found that ALC and r-ALA each had a role in improving mitochondrial activity and cellular metabolism. The ALC component boosts the activity of the enzyme carnitine acetyltransferase, which plays a vital role in mitochondrial fuel burning and energy production. The r-ALA component, among its many benefits, helps rid the body of destructive free radicals, while also boosting, revitalizing, and increasing levels of various antioxidants in the body such as CoQ10, idebenone, and vitamins C & E.

The positive, life-extending potential that this combination of ALC and r-ALA has for everyone, not just athletes, is staggering, but there's even more to the story. ALC and other forms of carnitine are the main nutrients the body requires for efficient utilization of fat stores for fuel. ALC also boosts neurological functioning, which would support concentration and mental focus (a major benefit for ultra-endurance events). ALC is also believed to help preserve lean muscle tissue by decreasing excess levels of cortisol. Lastly, ALC seems to reduce the depletion of ATP by forming acetyl-CoA, which one nutritional expert states, "[is] the most important intermediary in the generation of energy from amino acids, fats, and carbohydrates."

The other molecule, r-ALA, plays an important role in cellular metabolism by acting as a coenzyme in energy production. It is a premier antioxidant, functioning as both a water- and fat-soluble antioxidant, with the ability to neutralize several different types of free radicals. It also enhances GSH levels in the body (GSH, or glutathione, an antioxidant produced directly by the body, is a primary immune system protector). Additionally, r-ALA can recycle, revitalize, and extend the effective life and potency of nutrients such as CoQ10 that play a key role in energy production. This effect alone would yield definite and positive impact on energy production and endurance.

However, we have added to the benefits of ALC and r-ALA by adding a few additional compounds to Mito Caps, making it a formula like no other. DMAE, PABA, and Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) are important components of Mito Caps because they are believed to assist, treat, and delay the onset of many of the symptoms and side effects of aging. In addition to their own benefits, these three nutrients will most likely potentiate the already powerful effects of ALC and r-ALA. This is important to note because the amount of ALC and r-ALA required for humans (extrapolated from the animal studies) would be tremendous. We believe that the combination of these three nutrients would mimic the effects of a popular, but not FDA-approved, life-extension supplement called GH-3 (Procaine HCL), enhancing and accelerating the effects of ALC and r-ALA, but in a completely safe and approved way. In other words, the synergism of DMAE, PABA, and Pyridoxine would increase the effectiveness of ALC and r-ALA, which may result in substantial benefits without having to consume such large doses.

DMAE - Dimethylaminoethanol is a naturally occurring nutrient found in fish. It stimulates the production of choline, which in turn allows the brain to optimize production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in learning and memory. DMAE has been reported to inhibit the formation of the pigment lipofuscin, which is formed by the inefficient metabolism of fatty acids. Lipofuscin accumulates with age in all body tissues; in the skin it appears as liver spots. DMAE not only prevents the formation of lipofuscin, but also has been observed to remove liver spots completely. This may be equated with internal removal of aging cells by long-term supplementation with DMAE. One study evaluated the life extension effect of DMAE on old mice. Oral DMAE administration in the drinking water resulted in a reduction of mortality rate and in increase in both mean and maximum survival time in rats.

PABA - Para-amino benzoic acid (PABA) is a B-complex vitamin that acts in a structural role with folic acid and also functions in the formation of red blood cells. It is also a potent neutralizer of singlet molecular oxygen, a free radical that is a common by-product of metabolism. PABA's free radical neutralization is a most powerful effect because it retards collagen cross-linking, promotes flexibility, and promotes healthy cell structures and membranes. Glycosylation (or glycation) is a process where glucose molecules attach themselves to proteins, eventually resulting in protein binding, or cross-linking, which alters their biological and structural roles. Cross-links, also known as advanced glycosylation end products (AGEs), have been linked to the loss of flexibility and deterioration of connective tissue associated with aging.

Ascorbyl Palmitate - is the fat-soluble form of vitamin C. Most everyone knows that vitamin C has its own antioxidant capabilities, but it's also beneficial for enhancing carnitine synthesis. Vitamin C enhances the bioavailability of carnitine, which results in greater fat utilization capabilities. We've included the fat-soluble form of vitamin C and a dose of d-alpha tocopherol succinate (vitamin E) in Mito Caps to support r-ALA's fat-soluble antioxidant capabilities (remember, r-ALA can recycle vitamins C and E). When it comes to optimizing athletic performance, and even more importantly, health in general, it's hard to overstate the potential benefit of improved mitochondrial functioning. We've formulated Mito Caps to do just that. It is perhaps the most potent product we've ever designed. It works in perfect harmony with all other Hammer Nutrition supplements (especially Race Caps, Enduro Caps, Premium Insurance Caps, and Super AO) and will perfectly complement and extend their already powerful benefits. This is a supplement ALL people, not just athletes, should seriously consider. It is that powerful; it is that beneficial.
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