Race Caps Supreme (vol 11.13)

The health and performance supplement for every day—not just race day!

By Steve Born

Whether you're a full-time competitive athlete, a recreational athlete who participates in athletic events, or someone whose primary goal is to stay fit and enjoy optimal health, Race Caps Supreme is the product you need! For 26 years and counting, Race Caps Supreme has supplied benefits such as these:

  • Higher energy levels during workouts and all day long, without the unpleasant stimulant side effects that come from the ingredients in many other supplements
  • Noticeable increase in endurance
  • Less muscle soreness and enhanced recovery after training sessions
  • Antioxidant support for optimal immune system function
  • Key nutrients that help optimize cardiovascular system health and protect against many types of degenerative diseases

No other athletic-specific supplement available delivers the range of benefits that Race Caps Supreme can; it continues to be the athlete's supplement of choice, withstanding the test of time in a market flooded with other products that overpromise but under-deliver. The nutrient blend in Race Caps Supreme aids in both athletic performance enhancement AND overall health - a one-two punch formulated for hard-training athletes, but also highly beneficial for everyone, especially those age 30 and older.

On a personal note, my parents have been taking Race Caps Supreme for years. While neither of them do any kind of competitive racing, they're still quite active so they certainly appreciate the athletic performance benefits. However, it's the general health benefits they obtain from this product that they appreciate the most - and which are most important to me. I want them around for a long time, and I honestly believe that Race Caps Supreme is a vital component to their diet and exercise program.

Coenzyme Q10 and Idebenone The cornerstones of Race Caps Supreme's effectiveness

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) - Known also as ubiquinone (from the word "ubiquitous," meaning it exists just about everywhere), CoQ10 is a vitally important substrate (think "spark plug") for the efficient production of energy from your food and oxygen intake. CoQ10 affects function of your mitochondria, the energy-producing "furnaces" in your cells. Exercise rapidly depletes CoQ10, so when you take Race Caps Supreme, it's like putting fresh spark plugs into your body, ensuring clean, efficient energy production. This translates into higher energy levels, increased endurance, and improved recovery.

CoQ10's importance goes far beyond athletic performance enhancement. One nutrition expert bluntly states, "Without CoQ10 or a good substitute, human life quickly ends." Thus, CoQ10's role in maintaining clean, efficient energy production is clearly crucial for optimal health, especially with regard to cardiovascular and brain health and a strong immune system. As to CoQ10 and cardiovascular health, one well-known cardiologist is quoted as saying, "I have long considered CoQ10 a wonder nutrient because of its ability to support heart health."