Race PR Kit (vol 10.13)

Enjoy increased endurance, instant energy, and less fatigue!

By Steve Born

You've spent a ton of time training and now it's time to race! To get the most out of your race experience, perhaps setting a personal record or even winning in the process, you need to put the power of Race Day Boost, Energy Surge, and Anti-Fatigue to work for you. While each of the three products in Hammer Nutrition's "Race PR Kit" provides its own uniquely potent benefits, when you use them in combination, the synergistic effects will allow you to enjoy breakthrough performances more frequently. We guarantee it!

Race Day Boost

Enhances energy production and decreases lactic acid-induced fatigue

Taken for four days prior to a race or event, Race Day Boost super-saturates your body with sodium tribasic phosphate, a remarkable nutrient that significantly enhances functioning of all three of your body's ATP-producing energy systemsthe ATP-CP system, the lactic acid system, and the oxygen/aerobic system. When you hit the starting line after doing a four-day load with Race Day Boost, your body's short-, medium-, and long-term energy production pathways will be firing on all cylinders. You'll experience more efficiently produced energy, noticeable lactic acid buffering (less of that oh-so-unpleasant "burning" feeling), and increased endurance. What other product can provide those distinctly unique benefits? Answer: NONE!

Available in capsule and powder form, the Race Day Boost formula has a wealth of research behind it, supporting its proven positive athletic performance effects. In one study, subjects loaded with sodium tribasic phosphate for four days (1 gram, four times daily). During a 40K time trial, mean power output increased by 17% and oxygen uptake by 17%, netting an 8% improvement in performance time!

Race Day Boost is most-appropriately named; it will make a noticeably positive difference when it's time to take advantage of all that hard work you've put into your training.

Energy Surge

Pure, instant energy on demand

When you put an Energy Surge tablet under your tongue and let it dissolve, you get a quick boost of energy exactly when you need it. It's a "use as needed" product, so you can take Energy Surge anytime you require that extra burst of energy, such as during your hard workout sessions and definitely during your races. Thousands of athletes have attested to the effectiveness of Energy Surge; if you don't want to get left in their wake, you need to use Energy Surge as well!