Perpetuem (vol 8.13)

The time proven, "real deal" endurance fuel!

By Steve Born

If you've never tried Perpetuem, and especially if you're currently using other so-called "endurance fuels" - most of which are loaded with refined sugars, citric acid, and excess sodium - it's time to give this "real deal" fuel a thorough test. You can absolutely rely on Perpetuem to fuel your body thoroughly and get you where you want to go, no matter how far or difficult that distance may be, guaranteed!

Perpetuem has been put to the test in the most grueling events imaginable, starting with the Double Furnace Creek 508 record in October 2002 - a back-to-back crossing of the brutal FC508 route (a total of 1,016 miles and approximately 70,000 feet of climbing). Perpetuem continues to pass every conceivable test that endurance athletes can throw at it!

In addition to a powdered form, we offer Perpetuem Solids, the same exact Perpetuem formula in easy-to-chew tablets. Perpetuem Solids is a hit with endurance athletes because it satisfies the need to chew on solid food without having to resort to eating candy - sugarladen gelatinous energy chews, blocks, beans, and other similar products that are being misleadingly promoted to athletes as endurance fuels. Because it's Perpetuem, you can rest assured that Perpetuem Solids is a quality, no-junk fuel that actually works!

Perpetuem's ultra-effective formula

Complex carbohydrates - Consistent, sustained energy DOES NOT come from simple sugars, so if the fuel you're using contains any "ose" sugars (glucose, sucrose, fructose, etc.), it's time to make a change right away. Perpetuem's complex carbohydrates (maltodextrin) allow your body to absorb a greater volume of calories than simple sugarbased fuels do. The goal in fueling is to provide your body with calories that are readily available for conversion to energy, without delay from the GI tract to the blood stream (i.e., no stomach distress). Plus, complex carbohydrates supply long-lasting energy, as opposed to simple sugars, which result in undesirable "peak and valley" energy levels. When it comes to high-quality, sustained energy, Perpetuem is the undisputed champion every time!

Soy protein - When exercise goes into the second hour and beyond, it's important to consume some protein along with complex carbohydrates. At this time, about 10% of your caloric utilization comes from protein, and if the fuel you are consuming doesn't supply it, your body will have to rely on "burning" your muscle tissue to satisfy its protein requirements. When your muscle tissue is cannibalized for energy, it leads to premature muscle fatigue and post-exercise sorenessdue to excess ammonia production and buildup from the protein breakdown process.