What's the difference between chromium picolinate and ChromeMate?

I've seen another form of chromium called chromium picolinate available. What's the difference between that at the ChromeMate form and which one is better?
Chromium picolinate is chromium bound to picolinic acid. Chromemate (Chromium polynicotinate) is the natural, niacin-bound form of dietary chromium. The latter part of your question is debated widely and inconclusively among nutritional scientists. Arguments exist that Chromium picolinate may be harmful if too much is consumed and theoretical and uncertain issues have been discussed that suggest chromium picolinate if overdosed may cause adverse effects on DNA. There are two studies (Kamen 1992)(Cooper 1984) that show the superiority of chromium polynicotinate. One hour after ingestion, chromium polynicotinate was observed to have a 311% better absorption rate than chromium picolinate and a 672% better absorption rate than chromium chloride. This is because unlike the other forms, chromium polynicotinate is 100% available to the body when ingested; it does not require this time consuming conversion. This enhanced absorption rate, along with the potential safety issues involving the picolinate form, are why we use the polynicotinate form in our products.