Achieve Peak Performance

Achieve Peak Performance

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Hello NMES Users!

Check out the article by Compex Guru Greg Houlgate which will be in our newest edition of Endurance News!

Achieve Peak Performance
By Greg Houlgate

Everyday athletes and even occasional weekend warriors are likely to watch their favorite athlete and wonder, “How can I perform at that level?” By adding Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES), also simply referred to as E-stim, to their training routine, individuals have the opportunity to join the ranks of elite athletes worldwide who have incorporated NMES as part of their training regimen.

Electrostimulation therapy has been widely used and popular among European athletes for over two decades. However, the American athlete/consumer is likely to be a bit more wary to eagerly adopt NMES technology due to similar products advertised on late-night infomercials promising to shed belly fat without leaving the couch. Just as nutritional supplements are intended to augment a good diet, muscle stimulators are intended to complement serious training, not replace it.

NMES enables users to exercise more muscle fibers in less time by reproducing the body’s natural process of voluntary muscular contractions with high-intensity “optimal” electrical impulses. Numerous clinical studies conducted over 22 years have proven that when Compex is applied to the motor nerve, it provokes a deeper and more complete muscle contraction than what can be attained through standard voluntary training or activity. In other words, a muscle can’t tell the difference between a voluntary contraction triggered by the brain or through a muscle stimulator. The result is a more efficient workout regimen with less risk of injury to joints and tendons, with virtually no cardiovascular or mental fatigue.

Compex is the first U.S. company to offer consumers an FDA-cleared, over-the-counter, portable muscle stimulator for enhanced sports performance and improved physical fitness, currently used by professional sports teams and athletic training coaches worldwide.

Compex features up to nine specific stimulation programs that target specific muscle groups and enable athletes to maximize muscle performance specifically related to their particular sport. For instance, a cyclist can improve endurance, a triathlete can build muscle and increase strength, and a volleyball player can gain explosive power to jump higher. After training with NMES, athletes can expect progression in their overall strength, power, and speed, as well as a quicker muscle recovery after training. In addition to enhanced muscle performance, athletes can also expect to experience improvements in their circulation and faster reduction in lactic acid blood flow. HN

For the past 20 years, Greg Houlgate has coached and trained athletes from youth to masters, as well as international level competitors. He began running competitively in his teens as a top age-group road racer and member of the USA Junior National Track & Field Team, continued racing in college on the cross-country and track teams at University of California, Irvine. A Two time NCAA Championship finalist and enjoyed a competitive post-collegiate career internationally as an elite sponsored runner in Europe and Asia in events from 800 meters to half marathon.

Greg's personal bests are: 10,000 meters (29:45), 5,000 meters (14:28), 3,000 meter steeplechase (9:04)1,500 meter (3:50) and 800 meters (1:55). Greg has recently completed several sprint and olympic distance triathlons. Greg's favorite races are: Wildflower Tri, Teganuma Ekiden, Hood-to-Coast (2010 Mixed Masters Champions).

Greg’s passions are his family, friends and helping people perform at their highest level. He has degrees in Economics and an MBA in Global Management. He is fluent in Japanese and has traveled extensively for competition, business and pleasure. As a member of both the San Diego Track Club and the San Diego TriClub, Greg has volunteered his time to help club members improve their running capabilities.

Greg's specialty is helping endurance athletes access their "dormant speed" and improving run-off-the-bike performances.

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