Welcome to the Electrical Muscle Stimulation Forum!

Welcome to the Electrical Muscle Stimulation Forum!

Postby jason-keister » Wed Apr 28, 2010 5:14 pm

Hello EMS Fans!

I hope everyone is excited for the move from the Yahoo discussion forum to the new Hammer forums! I know that we here at Hammer are. I wanted to take a few moments to welcome everyone to the new forum, and in the event you haven't browsed the new site yet, post some links to useful information that be found on our site. Please post any questions, comments, or experiences you have in regards to EMS use here, and myself and the rest of the staff will be happy to impart our wisdom.

You can find a variety of useful articles pertaining to EMS use here: ... imulation/

Finally, if you're a Facebook fan, be sure to become our friend on Facebook and stay up to date on new happenings, products, and race results. Do a Facebook search for Hammer Nutrition, or click on the following link:

I look forward to helping working with everyone on this new and improved forum!

Happy training!


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