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new to hammer nutrition

Postby autumnbush » Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:30 am

my name is autumn and i'm very knew to hammer products,so I have a couple of questions that might seem silly but please bare with me. I would really love some advice. I am fairly new to running only about 2 years but it has become a huge part of my life and I want to have all the correct knowledge to make the most out my training and recovery. I just finished my first 50 miler Saturday and my first 50k 3 weeks before that and I have a another 50k coming up on the oct 20. im pretty ambitious. I used the hammer products starting with the 50 k without using them to train first, I know you shouldn't do that but I was willing to take the consequences because ive always had problems with my fueling. I had nothing to lose. I weigh about 105 lbs and 3 hours in between prerace meal and race. I started with a gel the first hour and a gel the second and then 1 scoop of sustained energy per hour. I still hit the wall about 5-6 hours into the race. I did about the same for the 50 miler except added some perpetuem and more gels drinking about 16 oz water per hour plus endorolytes every hour. I bonked again at the 10 hour mark with about 2 hours left to go. do you have any suggestions about a fueling plan? also during a moderate intensity run or workout of an hour is it beneficial to use heed or a gel with such a short time that is not that intense and with that same type of workout or run is it beneficial or necessary to use recoverite after?
the reason I ask is because unnecessary carbs that aren't used are stored as fat .so if these aren't going to be helpful in that type of workout I rather not consume usless calories. please help. another issue is how do you keep track of your water intake if you use a hydration pack? so last race I used my belt with my 22 oz bottle and then a hand held 22oz which I rather not wear something around my waste if I don't have to. Id keep my multibottle on waste which id have to stop to take a drink so I decided with my 4 hour bottle id drink 1/4 all at once each hour so I didn't have to keep stopping and taking it out. is it ok to drink 1/4 bottle all at once per hour? my hand held had my plain water that id refill every hour. id still rather use the hydration pack for plain water if I could get a suggestion on drinking the right amount and not over hydrate. in your opinion is it best to train for an endurance event of several hours in the fat burning zone or a higher zone? ive heard mixed reviews. I would appreciate some expert advice asap. thank you so much
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