Does Perpetuem contain GMO

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Does Perpetuem contain GMO

Postby mck414 » Tue Apr 09, 2013 7:57 pm

I guy I know in passing is looking for maltodextrin based fuel and was asked me if Perpetuem conatins Genetically Modified Organism.

Got any information I can pass along?

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Re: Does Perpetuem contain GMO

Postby levi-hoch » Wed May 22, 2013 9:51 am

Hi Casey,

Steve Born has answered a similar and this was his response:

"The highly refined finished maltodextrin in Hammer Nutrition's product line originates from conventionally grown and organic grown corn. These corn maltodextrins are neither certified organic or GMO-free. The refining process converts whole corn to long-chain glucose polymers (a.k.a. complex carbohydrates) that generate a remarkably high glycemic effect through first-pass metabolism. This high glycemic effect resolves high blood sugar turnover depletion during extreme exercise sessions. Some (30-50%) of the corn maltodextrin is GMO-free while I estimate perhaps as much as 70% is exposed to GMO residue in either seed or insecticide. Once GMO-free and GMO corn products are mixed, GMO residue contents are diluted, but still present. The cost for GMO-free maltodextrin is higher than the bulk of crops grown all over our country from mega-farms. Organic crop harvests weigh less than conventional grown, hence the huge differences in price. PCR (polymerase chain reaction) GMO-detection tests done on Hammer maltodextrins are 'negative,' but does not imply GMO-residues, since by more precise measures GMO measures may be detected. The detected levels of GMO-free maltodextrins originate from organic grown crops must have very, very low-to-NO GMO's based on more precise detection measures before being certified GMO-free. When I suggest that PCR detection is negative, that means there is none detected by the limits of that test method. Thus, the corn maltodextrin processed via Grain Processing Corporation is essentially gluten free, but cannot be declared GMO-free."

My interpretation is that the maltodextrin from the corn is so highly processed (in order to become maltodextrin) that the potential for problems associated with GMO-derived corn would be extremely remote, if not altogether nil. When tested, the results show no GMO's; however, as Dr. Misner stated, there are even higher precision GMO-measuring tests, which does open the possibility (albeit remote) that there would be any GMO's in the maltodextrin (we'd be talking extremely small amounts in parts per billion, if anything).

The same would be true with the vitamin C in our products, which most likely also comes from corn (most commercially available vitamin C is corn-derived). However, by the time the vitamin C is produced (via a lengthy refinement process) there is, in the words of Dr. Michael Colgan, "not a shred of corn left in it." So, such as it is with the corn-derived maltodextrin we use in our products, the possibility of GMO's in the vitamin C that we use (which also may come from corn) may be there; however, the possibility is extremely remote, if not altogether non-existent.

None of the other nutrients/ingredients in any of our other products are produced from food sources containing GMO's.

I also recommend reading What are your quality control procedures? which explains the meticulous measures that are taken to insure quality and integrity of our products. They are tested at multiple stages throughout the manufacturing process and GMO's have not been detected.

I hope this information answers your friend's question but if you have additional questions or concerns, please let us know.

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Re: Does Perpetuem contain GMO

Postby mck414 » Sat May 25, 2013 3:37 pm

Thanks Levi, I'll pass it along.
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