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Adventure race prep advice welcomed

Postby Eisbaer » Sat May 11, 2013 11:41 am

Hi Folks,

I would greatly appreciate your advice in adding to my team's preparation for an upcoming competition and how to best utilize the Hammer Nutrition products. Unfortunately, we have only just recently discovered Hammer Nutrition. There is a lot of new technology and technique in nutrition and hydration out there I would like to take advantage of.

My teammate and I will be taking a casual stroll along a 30-40 mile compass only navigation course at 5500' elevation in 100* F heat with approx. 50lbs. backpacks. Water resupply is expected every 3-5 miles. Elevation gain is expected to be less than 10,000' over the course.

Based on last year's event, the first 3 miles require carrying an additional 100lbs. of rocks and dirt in a duffle bag. Other challenges include along the route two single rope canyon traverses, escaping from being hooded, duct taped, and hand cuffed to a tree, lock picking, simple code breaking, problem solving, sending and receiving hand held radio traffic plus numerous tactical target shooting stages with rifle and pistol at ranges up to 1500 meters. Last year's winning time was approx. 27 hours with only 6 of 35 teams completing the entire course.

As you can see we are especially keen to maintain our small motor skills, visual acuity, and cognitive reasoning abilities. Each of these areas are significantly impacted by hydration and nutrition.

My teammate and I have quite a bit of experience related to needed race skills, but at age 50 this a big coming out of retirement challenge for us. :)

To be frank, our goal beyond completing the course is to relive a little of the fun we had working together as a team, getting through the tuff stuff, and having once again a smile on our face when things around you just plain old suck.

Any advice and input will be greatly appreciated.

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