Use of Sustained Energy

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Use of Sustained Energy

Postby thyme » Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:11 pm

Recently, I have started to use SE. I have tried 3 scoops and 6 scoops, and it works well for bike rides longer than 3 hours.

But the smell and taste is just aweful. I have added a Fizz tablet (and equivalent) which removes the taste but creates a lot of bubbles and "over pressure".

Is the smell / taste from the Soy Protein? It smells almost like "fish" - or am I totally wrong?

Any good advices or hints are appreciated

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Re: Use of Sustained Energy

Postby PowerGoat » Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:03 pm

Hi Jorgen,

Well, I look at things like that this way: I drink it for the benefit, not the smell or the taste. If I got a smell going in SE, I'd determine whether or not it has gone bad. If not, I'd throw some Hammer Gel in there, or toss a scoop of HEED in there, and take off. That's what I do to counteract the taste--or tastelessness--of SE anyway.

I don't like the extra bubbles either: I always seem to make a s'plosion...all over myself!

I don't know what thing that's in there makes the smell. Can't help you there.

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