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over 30 ounces per hour

Postby scud » Tue Sep 25, 2012 6:11 pm

Call me crazy or setting myself up for failure, but I often consume over 30 ounces of fluid per hour on long rides. E.g., I did a recent training ride on 9/15 - it was hot for sure, about 300 miles long with 24-26k of climbing and I did it in just over 23 hours which is not fast but solid enough for the terrain and being solo. It is a remote mountainous area where some roads are closed to cars so I carry two bottles (22 oz each) plus a 100 oz camelbak. I have to manage the resources so I don't drink them too fast and end up with a "dry stretch". I did not urinate often, a couple times maybe and never had much quantity to pass (maybe a pint at most).

I returned about 3 pounds lighter (left around 181/182 pounds and returned around 178 pounds).

All the HN literature says that I consume WAY too much fluid. If what I am doing makes sense, then I am outlier, but it is more likely I am not that special and may need to gut it out more but 25-28 oz seems too sparse for me. I do sweat a lot in general. In the cooler hours and night riding I am probably in the HN fluid range but for sure there are many hours where I am far above it.

Primary fuel is 1/2 perpetuem + 1/2 heed. Supplement with some solid food and endurolytes.

Any comments or probing questions are appreciated. Looking to do well at fc508 next week.

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Re: over 30 ounces per hour

Postby PowerGoat » Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:56 pm

Hi Sean,

Okay, let's just get this part out of the way quickly: you're crazy, you're setting yourself up for failure.

Now, regarding the 30 oz per hour, you have a lot of factors to consider: length of event, intensity of event, heat/humidity, body weight, your build, etc., etc., and all the way down to color of jersey--since it was a hot day, I figured I'd throw this on the pile, too.

However, since you didn't pee often, it would be hard to say that you were taking in too much. You were obviously needing pretty much exactly what you were taking in. If you had problems, or rode progressively worse as you went on, you'd be getting clear signals. If you felt find the whole time--and by your clock time, plus the fact that you said you had hills and did the ride either fully or mostly by yourself--I'd say you have figured your personal drink needs out pretty well. Since you only lost three pounds--which, for a 180-pounder, is well within the acceptable limit as that's only 1.65% of your starting weight--I wouldn't worry at all. The fact that you backed down at night shows that your system was telling you all that you needed to know...and that you know how to listen to your system (arguably, the rarer trait).

I think your (about) 300 mile time is great, especially for the hills. What are your goals at Furnace Creek?

So let's get on to the interesting part: how do you train for a 500 mile bike ride? I've never gone beyond 224 miles and am just getting back into serious riding. I'd love to compare notes if you'd like to write me offline. My background is in running but I'm learning it's all the same thing: you need the right head, and if you have that, the rest just comes along.
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