Race Day Boost loadin schedule

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Race Day Boost loadin schedule

Postby smarkgraf » Sun Mar 25, 2012 10:05 pm

In know that the schedule is 4 x daily with food the 4 days before an event. Is there a minimum or prefered time between doses?

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Re: Race Day Boost loadin schedule

Postby steve-born » Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:03 pm

Hello Steve -

There isn't any "set in stone" time frame when you should do each dose... just try to space them out fairly evenly throughout the day. That said, if you plan on doing any activity you should try and time your dose for AFTER that activity in completed (so that you don't use up some of what you're loading with).

With that in mind, remember that the four days before a race are for tapering and resting (primarily the latter)... you really shouldn't be training, at least nothing in the purest sense of the word (meaning anything of significant duration or intensity), during that time. If you do, however, go for a easy jog or a short spin, try to time it so that you can do your four doses of Race Day Boost, evenly spaced, AFTER you're done.

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