Race day boost and sodium bicarbonate???

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Race day boost and sodium bicarbonate???

Postby JustGiver » Thu Mar 22, 2012 7:34 pm

Hi there,

I am a swimmer and I have used both the race day boost and used sodium bicarbonate before having positive results from both but I was wondering if it is possible to take race day boost loading for the four days before the competition then on race day take sodium bicarbonate at .3 grams per kg of body weight. I was wondering if this is possible to do or with taking that much sodium or buffering agents will it have a negative effect on performance.

I am a swimmer racing mostly the 100 and 200 distance so my races are either around 50 seconds or 1:50. But I do achieve very high lactate during the races somewhere from 14 to 19 mmol.

If anyone has any suggestions or input it would be greatly appreciated I have tried looking online for studies using both but I have had no luck.

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Re: Race day boost and sodium bicarbonate???

Postby steve-born » Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:38 pm

Hello JustGiver -

I know of no studies that used both sodium phosphate and sodium bicarbonate in combination, though it would be interesting to see what this dual combination would yield in terms of effects. If you were racing on a Saturday (for example) and did a 4-day loading dose of Race Day Boost on T, W, Th, and F, with a sodium bicarbonate load on Saturday prior to your race, that would certainly be possible, though you're going to be consuming a lot of sodium over the course of those five days... you'd definitely need to keep an eye on your dietary sodium intake during that time.

Every two teaspoons or two capsules of Race Day Boost contains 1,000 mg
of the sodium phosphate compound, 193 mg of which is comprised of sodium. Four servings daily (the standard dosing suggestion) will give you 772 mg of sodium per day.

If I remember correctly, sodium bicarbonate is comprised of about 27% elemental sodium. Assuming for a 165 lb (75 kg) athlete, and at the rate of 0.3 grams per kg of body weight, you're looking at 22.5 grams (22,500 mg) of sodium bicarbonate, which would supply a whopping 6,075 mg of sodium.

It's well known that sodium bicarbonate has been shown to successfully enhance performance for high intensity, anaerobic type events lasting from 1-7 minutes, so if you can handle that much sodium phosphate without getting sick then it may be your best bet for the type of racing that you're doing. I honestly don't know if doing a 4-day load with Race Day Boost would offer any additional benefits, especially for races that you will complete in 50 seconds to 1:50, but it would interesting to see if it did. My primary concern would be all of that sodium you'd be consuming over the course of five days.

I'm sorry that I can't share any research with you regarding the use of these two ergogenic aids simultaneously (I'm not sure any exists), but if you do go ahead and do both Race Day Boost and sodium bicarbonate, I'd be interested in hearing of your results.

Sincerely -

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Re: Race day boost and sodium bicarbonate???

Postby JustGiver » Fri Mar 23, 2012 7:42 pm


Thank you for your input it is really appreciated. The sodium was the main thing that I was worried about as well. The bad thing about the two main buffers I have tried before being sodium citrate or sodium bicarbonate there is still a lot of sodium being ingested. I will do some more looking around and maybe give it a try at a smaller competition.

If you have any other fueling / supplement recommendations for swimmers I would greatly appreciate that knowledge! We train a very large amount but when it comes down to race day our races are very short!

Thanks again
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