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Postby wayne » Wed Oct 26, 2011 12:49 pm

We did a long backpack trip in 2 days. I never leave home without Recoverite and it really did work well. I was able to start the day and feel real good. I hurt my ankle about a year ago and now am using the Tissue Rejuvenator and that worked well also. I used Perpetuem as my main fuel and one day we traveled for about 12 hours and it really helped me to keep moving forward. I took some Solids for a change of pace also. I used both the Endurolyte tablets and also the Fizz. I have heard there is a new flavor of Fizz coming out and also new flavars for the bar and I am happy to hear that. We did not carry the bars on this trip; but as the weather gets cooler I think they will be an outstanding energy source. Some people think having an overall plan of hydration and fueling takes away from the experience; but I find that once I have a plan in place; then I am able to feel good and have more energy to look around.
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Re: Backpacking Nutrition

Postby steve-born » Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:23 pm

Hello Wayne -

I don't have an ETA on the new flavors but I can tell you that we'll have a grape flavor of Endurolytes Fizz and an unflavored version as well. The latter will be nice because you can add it to a flavored drink mix (HEED, Perpetuem) to increase the electrolyte content but without affecting the flavor.

We will have two new Hammer Bars coming out soon. One is a cranberry bar, which is basically the almond raisin bar... just substitute the raisins with cranberries. The other is a an apple-oatmeal bar that is really delicious... more like what I think of as a "breakfast bar."

We're also coming out with a large-size 75g recovery bar. This chocolate-peanut bar's main feature (aside from the fact that it's absolutely delicious) is that it contains 20 grams of premium-quality, grass-fed whey protein. It's not terribly similar to Recoverite formula-wise, but it can be used that way (to enhance recovery, via solid food vs. liquid), or to bolster your daily protein intake.

Again, I don't have exact ETA's on these products but keep checking our website.

Sincerely -

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