thumbs up for Perpetuem and 100mile trail run

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thumbs up for Perpetuem and 100mile trail run

Postby runandrunandrun » Thu Sep 15, 2011 5:51 pm

I just wanted to give some positive feedback for Perpetuem, based on my experiences of using it on my first 100mile trail run. I finished in 21hrs for a top 15 place, which was far beyond my expectations.
I used the caffe latte flavour through my run and had a great day. I never bonked and never got sick.
This is what I did. I weigh about 75kgs (165pounds). I would mix two scoops of Perpetuem (270 calories) with 250ml (about 8.5floz.) of water and drink half of that every half hour (I had little kids drink bottles with a pop top lid and if i was out for multiple hours I would take multiple bottles - that way i could see how much i was drinking). Every so often i would miss half an hours worth of perpetuem, and have half an our worth of calories from other source (crisps, sandwich), but kept that same half hour routine up for all 21hrs and I would estimate that 85-90% of my calories were the Perpetuem.
I then drank water as I needed. At this concentration, I like the flavour much better than when it is weaker and I really liked the fact that i could separately control my water intake to what I needed. Also at this concentration I found that it made me slightly thirsty so I would often drink water which helped with encouraging hydration
Outside of the Perpetuem, I would have a weak cup of the energy drink the organizers had at some checkpoints, perhaps every 16kms (10miles). Only had some extra electrolytes much later in the race

As I mentioned at the beginning, I felt great all race, never bonked and never got sick. I ran to a good strategy of maintaining a good heart rate (not pushing too hard, so I am sure that helps). Also conditions were fairly mild at between 10-22 degrees (50-70F).

So that was my experience, perhaps that will help someone else looking to use the product on a trail run. I have heard other people who have not had success with it, but most of those seem to be doing a much weaker solution and have trouble with the flavour and drinking so much fluid to get their energy intake, so it may not work for everyone, or it might be worth trying experimenting with a concentration that works for you.
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