Ride Across Indiana 3 hour Rule?

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Ride Across Indiana 3 hour Rule?

Postby flipper67 » Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:59 am

Going to do RAIN this weekend (about 160 mile ride). I am using this for training for Louisville Ironman. So, I always follow the 3 hour rule which means I never eat before a race. Usually have a gel pack.

Should I still follow this rule. My buddys who were top ten suggest to eat as much as possible.

I using a 5 hour bottle of Perpetuem, one gel flask and water with Fizz, Edurolytes plus other hammer pills.

What your thought?

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Re: Ride Across Indiana 3 hour Rule?

Postby steve-born » Thu Jul 14, 2011 1:14 pm

Hello Phil -

There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't continue to adhere to the "no calories for 3 hours prior" recommendation for RAIN, just as you do for when you're racing. Remember, the first fuel your body is going to use is the calories stored in the muscles (as glycogen). Eating sooner than 3 hours prior to a 60-90 minute bout of exercise depletes your finite stores of glycogen at a much faster rate, which is definitely not performance enhancing.

Now, some people can get away with eating "as much as possible" prior to the start of a long workout or race, and avoid stomach discomfort and still finish well. It's similar to a few of the athletes I competed with. These guys could eat whatever they want and as much as they wanted prior to and during races, and they still could kick my butt. Was it due to their fueling practices? No, it was simply because they were naturally stronger and faster than me.

The point is that there are always going to be athletes who can break all the rules of nutrition and fueling and still get away with it, enjoying top performances and avoiding most-to-all stomach and other related issues. I believe that these athletes are not representative of the majority of athletes; they represent a very small percentage of athletes. The rest of us need to follow guidelines - all of which are physiologically sound - in order to achieve our best results. For the athletes who can get away with poor nutrition/fueling habits, I always think "These athletes are already exception; how much better could they do if they followed proper nutrition/fueling protocols?"

My recommendation is that you no deviate from what has served you well, which the "no eating 3 hours prior" recommendation has very much appeared to do.

For all on the forum, this topic is covered in two articles:

"Proper Fueling - Pre-workout & race suggestions" ( ... .1279.html)

"The Science Behind The Hammer Nutrition Pre-Race Meal Protocol" ( ... .2981.html)

I hope this helps!

Sincerely -

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Re: Ride Across Indiana 3 hour Rule?

Postby flipper67 » Sun Jul 24, 2011 6:22 pm

Thanks a lot Steve. Everything went great till my SAG didn`t find me till 114 miles and I ran out of water/fizz, perpetuem and water. I felt full of energy up to the last 10 miles then I starting to feel hot and sick and finally leg cramps.

Push 40 miles thru cramps but finishin 8 hour and 15 minutes.

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