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Morning AND Afternoon Workouts

Postby kleahysworld » Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:56 pm

For my summer (offseason/dry-land) training, my daily workouts are split between a morning session (830-10) and an afternoon session (6-730).

In the morning, I do cardio for an hour (run, bike, elliptical, etc). The afternoon workout is more strength and range of motion orientated (increasing functional power and flexibility).

I've been researching supplements, as I'm concerned with cannibalizing muscle tissue, recovery, and just getting the most of my workout. Since my workout is broken into two parts, I keep getting confused on relationship between the two workouts (i.e. the daily priming-performing-recovery-priming-performing-recovery relationship).

Is there anything you'd recommend? (For my morning workout, I don't usually have time to digest solids before I start moving.)

Kevin Leahy
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Re: Morning AND Afternoon Workouts

Postby steve-born » Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:06 pm

Hello kleahysworld (please post your first name so that we'll know who you are!) -

I had nearly completed a very lengthy reply to your post when I accidentally closed my browser window and lost the entire thing. D'oh! That's what I get for having four browser windows open.

Since I can't imagine being able to type the entire thing over again, I hope you will be OK if I give you a shorter version of my original response.

The main point I want is that I think that recovery from both workouts is important, though I do think that your morning workout will arguably be generating greater losses in energy-producing substrates and creating more free radicals than your evening workout will.

With that in mind, I would suggest the following:

1) 30-60 minutes prior to your morning workout: 1 Race Caps Supreme, 1 Mito Caps

2) After your morning workout: 3 Premium Insurance Caps, 1 Race Caps Supreme, 1 Mito Caps. If you wanted additional antioxidant support, while also supplying additional anti-inflammatory support, I would suggest 1 AO Booster as well.

3) Consume the products listed in #2 with a 1-2 scoop dose of Recoverite

4) For more vitamin/mineral "coverage" during the bulk of your day, I would suggest 3 capsules of Premium Insurance Caps at lunch or with an early afternoon snack.

5) 30-60 minutes prior to your evening workout you could take an additional capsule of both Race Caps Supreme and Mito Caps. However, while this pre-workout dose would be beneficial, I do not think it is crucial, at least not in comparison to the dose you're taking prior to your morning workout. If you're trying to stretch your supplement dollar then I think it's OK to skip this dose. If that is not an issue then taking 1 Race Caps Supreme and 1 Mito Caps prior to your evening workout will certainly be beneficial.

6) After your workout I would suggest 1 Premium Insurance Caps, 1 Race Caps Supreme, and 1 Mito Caps. Taking a capsule of AO Booster would not be a bad idea either.

7) If you are going to have a sit-down, solid-food meal within 60 minutes after completion of this workout then take the supplements with that meal. If it's going to be longer than 60 minutes, take them with a 1-scoop dose of Recoverite.

8) Before brushing your teeth prior to bed, consider consuming 1 scoop of Hammer Whey in a small glass of water (no carbs, water only). This will supply your body with a nice dose of amino acids for use in muscle tissue reparation during sleep (keeping in mind that the body does a lot of its recuperative processes during sleep). You'll also be supplying the body with a hefty dose of glutamine, which is beneficial for the immune system and also helps to naturally boost hGH levels.

Obviously, there are countless other possibilities that you could explore but I personally like this supplement program and think its solid because it covers a lot of bases (without using the whole Hammer Nutrition product lineup) in terms of pre-workout "prep," post-workout recovery, general vitamin/mineral support, and antioxidant/anti-inflammatory/immune system support.

Premium Insurance Caps, Race Caps Supreme, and Mito Caps make up what we call the "Daily Essentials," meaning that of all the supplements we produce, we believe that these are the three that provide the widest range of benefits for both athletic performance and overall health. The rationale for this is discussed in the article "The Hammer Nutrition Daily Essentials Formula" at ... .1253.html

More information about AO Booster (one of the best products we've ever produced, in my opinion) can be found at ... 61.html#ao

More information about recovery and how important that aspect of athletic performance and general health is, can be found in the article "Recovery - A crucial component for success" at ... .1278.html

More information about Hammer Whey can be found at ... .1278.html, with specific information about its glutamine component's hGH-boosting properties at

I realize this is somewhat of a generalized program so if you have any specific questions about any aspect of it, please post them here and I'll be happy to help.

Sincerely -

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