excessive HR in heat

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excessive HR in heat

Postby jrawlins » Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:52 am

I had a scary thing happen during a long, hot ride the other day. Previously, the highest HR I've ever achieved was 175, which was during a black-out sprint at the end of a long, tough uphill TT. Two days ago, on the first long (80-mile) hot-weather ride of the year, 70 miles in my HR began reading 180 to 200--180 if I softpedaled on the flats, 200 at the mildest efforts uphill. Other than the number on the HRM, I felt fairly normal, and physically checking HR on my wrist didn't tell me much (hard to feel the HR at all,actually). But when we stopped at an intersection to read the map, I realized I was very woozy, and got off the bike and sent the others on for the car while I sat on the floor of a convenience store and put ice water on my head. In ten minutes my HR was still 150, absurdly high. In thirty minutes I felt good enough to walk around and make jokes, and since I've just felt a bit wrung out. Anybody know if it's possible to get HR's well over supposed max's on a hot ride? I had long ago concluded that anything over 175 was physically impossible for me.

Jack Rawlins, Chico CA
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Re: excessive HR in heat

Postby noemarmolejo » Thu Jun 30, 2011 8:51 am

Hey Jack. Hope you've recovered. The only time I've had those kind of excessive readings was when my HRM was malfunctioning. The thing that concerns me is how you felt after the ride. I have experienced heat stroke and it sounds like that's what you might have encountered. I'd be real careful with this if it happens again because a number of years ago I had a TIA that could not be explained by a really good team of nuerologists. The heat was what they suspected but couldn't really pinpoint the underlying problem. Having a mini-stroke is no fun so don't fool with it if it happens again.

Good luck and be careful.

Noe Marmolejo
Houston, Tx.
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