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planter fasiatis

Postby konati » Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:41 pm

I am hoping to get some ideas on how to deal with this foot problem. It came on me with no warning, I at first thought I had a heal bruise but soon realized it was something else. Using TR and ice but it will not go away, it is about a month now. I can ride my bike but running and even walking are painfull

Vincent Talese
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Re: planter fasiatis

Postby hayleyb1981 » Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:34 am

Hi Vince,

If you do have plantar fascitis I would suggest rolling the plantar fascia of the foot over a golf ball or tennis ball for 2 minutes each day, you can do this in standing or sitting, it won't feel good but will help to break down adhesions in the tissue. I would also stretch the Achilles tendon with calf stretches twice daily, you can stand on a step to do this or just push against a wall. In addition, it would be good to strength the intrinsic musculature of the foot, you can do this by practicing picking up marbles or similar with your toes and placing them in a container. You can also place a towel on the floor and practice 'scrunching' it up with your feet. Finally, heel (if tolerated!), and toe walks are good general strengthening exercises for the ankle musculature, and getting these muscles activated can help with foot pain. I would definitely ice after you have done the rolling on the golf ball. If the pain persists I would see about getting a bone scan to rule out a stress fracture, and/or an EMG to rule out nerve entrapment.

Good luck

Hayley, PT
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