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PIC odor

Postby run4life » Mon May 24, 2010 7:44 pm

I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed a very distinct 'fishy' odor from their premium Insurace caps? I just got two new bottles in and it's definitely powerfully distinct from any previous supply.


Robert Lewis
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Re: PIC odor

Postby steve-born » Tue May 25, 2010 2:13 pm

Hello Robert -

As you probably know, we have reformulated Premium Insurance Caps, taking some of the "super foods" and amino acids out of the formula, while increasing the amount of calcium and magnesium, and adding 50 mg of quercetin per capsule.

The product is now being produced locally for us (most-to-all of the Hammer supplements are now being produced there), and the amount of quality control steps they take is absolutely impressive... when I visited the facility I was pretty blown away by the lengths they went to ensure a high quality finished product.

Anyway, when we removed some of the other nutrients, it not only allowed the bright yellow color of the B vitamins to appear more visibly, I also believe it allowed that strong, almost medicinal-like odor (something along the lines of "fish-like" would be fairly accurate I'd say) to come through even more. If you were to open a bottle of a B-Complex supplement I believe you'd find it to have a similar-though-stronger smell.

Also, though I'd have to test quercetin on its own, I believe that it too has a fairly strong odor, one that would contribute to the smell of the updated Premium Insurance Caps formula.

I've no doubt of the quality of the product but I have put in a call to our manufacturing facility and as soon as I hear back from him I'll post whatever information I receive.

Sincerely -

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