Stomach in knots, what could I have done differently?

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Stomach in knots, what could I have done differently?

Postby PowerGoat » Wed May 19, 2010 10:29 pm

Hello Group,

I did a 24-hour run this past weekend and had some trouble. I'm looking for suggestions as to how I could have handled things differently. Please note that I have Crohn's Disease.

The course was a less than 1 mile loop, and so I had access to supplies every 10 minutes. Available was water, HEED, and Endurolytes, and then other things like bananas, watermelon, sodas, pretzels, M&M's, and etc. I also had Perpetuem in a container that was on the course in my car.

The temperature topped out at about 77* during the day, maybe 45-50* at night, there were no shaded areas, and there was a light breeze on a quarter of the course.

I began with HEED after 45 minutes of running, used that for an hour or so, and then began with the Perpetuem. I had it mixed in a 4-hour bottle and would take a slurp of it and a paper cup of HEED every lap or every other lap, so every 10 or 20 minutes. If my mouth felt too Perpetuemy, I'd take a half cup of water or HEED on the next lap. This worked fine for about 2 hours, but then my stomach began to feel like it was full and that things weren't going down. The race started at 9, so it was getting warmer, but it wasn't that bad.

I ended up putting the Perpetuem down before I had gone 1/4 of the way through it and stuck with 3-5 ounces of HEED every lap or every other lap if that full feeling came back. After maybe 2 hours like this, I tried to go back to the Perpetuem and was able to get some of it down, but not much. After maybe 2 more hours of trying, I had to put it down again and go back to HEED. After maybe 2 more hours on HEED, I went back to Perpetuem and was able to finish that first 4-hour bottle: at my weight, it was a 4-scoop bottle, finished at about...11 hours into the run. Knowing that I didn't want to try to go 24 hours on HEED alone, I also took in 2 Hammer Gels, two quarter-fist sized pieces of watermelon, and one banana spread over these 11 hours. I had also taken Anti-Fatigue Caps (1 every other hour starting at 3 hours) and Endurolytes (two per hour for most hours) during this start to 12 hours time period.

I wasn't able to separate myself from two competitors I knew I should beat, but was hoping to outrun them once it got dark and the heat left us. It never really left me. I just wasn't able to keep drinking even the HEED or plain water that much after 8 hours or so, and I was still on a great pace at this point. I stayed on a solid pace through 12 hours. I was not going too fast given the heat.

After about 8 hours, I had moved down to taking in mostly to half-filled cup (between 3-6 ounces?) every other lap, which is again, about every 20 minutes. After about 12 hours, I just couldn't make myself drink even that much. My stomach felt twisted in a knot. I even ended up taking 2 Tums per hour for 3 hours during this time. [My stomach felt like it was full and that I was overfilling it, but that couldn't be the case.] I had to try to do something--one of the runners had passed me and had gone about 3 miles ahead of me--so I decided to just listen to my stomach and stop bothering it.

I ran the next 6-7 hours on about one mouthful of either HEED or plain water per hour, and my stomach gradually felt better. Since I wasn't stopping for a cup as often, I also started easing closer to the leader during this time. With 7 hours to go, I was making enough progress that I would catch and pass him easily with plenty of time to spare. But it was then that I started to run low on energy and my lap times started to slow. I tried going back to the Perpetuem, starting a bottle with new powder, but my stomach just wouldn't let me get it down. I decided that the way things were going, I would not be able to keep any reasonable pace going, and I didn't want to hurt myself, so with 5.5 hours left in the race, and so I went into my car, put my feet up, and fell asleep, without any intention of continuing.

I set my alarm for 2 hours to go in the race, so then I woke up, walked over to the scorer's tent to see how things had gone. I learned that I was in 3rd, and that the 4th place runner was only 3 miles behind me. I went to the bathroom and then decided to walk a lap to see how I was feeling. I felt pretty good, so I started jogging a little and since my legs still felt good, and my stomach wasn't bothering me right then, I opened up to a run. After 20 minutes, I asked how far behind second place I was and was told that he was 1.5 miles ahead of me. I took a drink of plain water, maybe 4 ounces, and started running again...and ended up running beautifully, at under 7:00 pace per mile for 30 minutes and feeling great. I caught and passed the 2nd place runner and put a lap on him while moving up seriously on the leader, but as I got heated up again, I needed fluids and my stomach would not let me drink much without protesting. I ended up not catching the other guy, so I finished in second, but the speed at which I recovered from this 118 mile run shows me that I didn't tax my legs that much. I had a lot of miles left in me. I simply couldn't stay cool enough to keep running and keep enough carbs in me to keep going at my normal pace.

Sometimes, I can run beautifully in super hot and very humid weather and sometimes I get hit with this.

Any suggestions or ideas about what was going on would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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