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Tip of the Week -- 3 Keys

Postby natellerandi » Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:53 pm

Three Quick Keys

1) Fuel up during every workout. While the fuel itself may not come into play and be used on shorter and/or easier workouts, I have personally found that my day-to-day, week-over-week performance is better when I focus on keeping the tank (muscle glycogen) topped off. I also find that the subtle taste of HEED keeps me drinking more often than when I use plain water so I tend to stay more consistently hydrated, too.

2) Ride your TT bike. Since I now focus on road cycling, to-date I have rarely rode my TT bike. I'll get reacquainted with it heading into a TT event, and that's about it. Starting after Labor Day, I've dedicated myself to riding my TT bike about 80% of the time. At first, it was to be on the bike but being on the TT bike was kind of a refreshing break from the road bike. However, what I soon realized is how riding in the aero tuck for a good amount of time each ride strengthens the low back, glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors in ways riding more upright just can't. This has in turn had a positive effect on my road bike riding. In order to get better/stronger/faster in 2014, the key may not be to train harder or necessarily even train differently. The key might simply be to change up the type of bike you ride. In 6 short weeks, I've noticed a marked, positive difference for myself.

3) Balance out the stressors. You've heard this from me before, but it is worth reminding. I started a new job with a tech start-up here in Denver a couple months ago. The days are jam packed, frenetic and saps my energy. I leave work tired but wake up ready to go the next day. I'm not exhausted the next morning because the energy flow is positive and the company is great. However, there still needs to be balance between the mental, emotional and physical stressors. Given the mental and emotional stressors are "running hot" due to my new work situation, I have dialed back the physical stressor. Not in terms of workout frequency but in terms of volume. The key is to minimize how much you burn the candle at both ends, because at some point the wheels will come off the bus and you'll crash hard. Right now, I've got a solid balance of stressors, my power numbers are really good and I feel balanced. Take stock of your own balance among the 3 stressors. If you feel out of whack, identify why and see what tweaks you can make to come back into balance.

Happy training,
Nate Llerandi
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