Bonking/Wall during marathon training

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Bonking/Wall during marathon training

Postby philsixereagleflyer » Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:41 pm

My friend is a fan of Hammer and suggested I post my issue on here. Apologies for the length & thanks in advance for any guidance.
* 41 years old, 5'9", 165lbs, relatively good shape
* Ran first marathon in 2009 @ 180 lbs - took 5 hours flat with last 6 miles taking 90 minutes
* Trained for 2012 NYC @ 165 lbs. Ran training runs up to 22 miles in 3:30 and targeted 4:30. Of course, didn't run NYC.
* Currently training for 2013 Chicago in 5 weeks. Have been running faster. Earlier in training (August 3), did 22 miles in 3:25 and have dreams of breaking 4 hours

Here's my issue:
* Since that 22 mile run on 8/3, I have attempted but have been unable to complete, 3 runs of 20-22 miles. I have hit an insane wall at mile 18/19 each time. Running a steady 9:15-9:20 pace and then hit this wall that I can't power through. No muscle fatigue, pulls, or gastric issues. Within a 1/4 mile stretch, I lose all energy and feel like the best thing to do would be to lie down on the side of the road and take a nap. Have NEVER had this happen. And the run is 5 weeks away!

Buddy suggested that I also post my caloric/consumption info, so here we go:
* 1 hour before run: shake with 1/2 bottle of Naked Juice, scoop of Jay Robb egg white powder, 1 banana, and water
* 15 minutes before run: 10-12 oz of a 50/50 mix of Regular (sugar/calories) LifeWater & Water
* Starting at minute 30 of the run and every 12 minutes thereafter: 4 oz of the 50/50 liquid mix, and 1 Clif Shot Blok (no caffeine)

Have always done it this way, and have never had an issue.
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Re: Bonking/Wall during marathon training

Postby levi-hoch » Wed Dec 04, 2013 5:21 pm

Dear philsixereagleflyer,

Thank you for your question. Sorry for the late response, I do hope your marathon went well. I highly recommend reading the article on page 58 of *Endurance News 78* This marathon fueling article will be very helpful to you. Additionally, I recommend reading the article Getting Started With Hammer Nutrition that goes over all the essetnial elements of successful fueling - proper hydration, electrolyte replenishment, caloric intake, the importance of avoiding simple sugars like fructose or sucrose during exercise, and recovery after training. Dialing in these crucial components will help you achieve optimal performance.

In particular, I'd like to point out the importance of avoiding consumption of any calories within 3 hours of starting an endurance workout. This may sound counter-intuitive but I highly recommend trying this technique, it really works. The reason you should not consume calories within 3 hours of starting an endurance activity is because it encourages your body to start burning your premium energy fuel glycogen, at an accelerated rate which prematurely depletes this important fuel source. If you want to take a serving of Hammer Gel or a few sips of HEED about 5-10 minutes before starting your run you can do this without adverse affects and it can help take the edge off of any hunger you might feel when you first start out. Having a maximal supply of glycogen when you start your run will help prevent bonking later in your run. This is explained in greater detail in the article Proper Fueling - Pre-workout & race suggestions

Your body is ready to start the glycogen replenishment process immediately following an endurance exercise and taking a quality recovery product like Recoverite or one of our Recovery Bars will help start that process off right by providing high quality carbohydrates for the body to convert back into stored glycogen and allowing you to store a maximal supply. Additionally, the protein in these products (and glutamine in Recoverite) will aid in muscle rebuilding, reduce post exercise soreness, and support your immune system. The importance of the recovery process can't be overstated and I highly recommend reading this recovery article in its entirety to understand this priority. The athlete who always replenishes with high quality carbohydrates as found in Recoverite immediately post workout will be able to store up to 60-90 minutes of muscle glycogen and this will go a long way toward preventing premature "bonking" during your run.

Fueling appropriately with complex carbohydrates (and protein if your runs take 2-3 hours or longer) will also help prevent bonking. If you fuel with products containing simple sugars (i.e. fructose, sucrose, dextrose, etc.) you will get quick energy from them but will also experience a rapid blood sugar crash shortly thereafter. Fueling with a complex carbohydrate (the maltodextrin we use in our fuels) will provide quick energy that's also long lasting and will allow your body to convert a greater amount of calories into blood glucose for energy every hour. This is explained in the article Caloric Intake - Proper amounts during endurance exercise

We are completely confident that you will be thoroughly satisfied with our products and back them by a 100% satisfaction guaranty so you can try them risk free. I hope you decide to give these products a try and prepare to see the results.

Happy training!
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