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Postby steve-born » Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:49 am

Kirk -

Our generalized dosage suggestion for Endurolytes is 1 capsule for every 50-60 lbs of body weight. However, there are so many variables that come into play in determining how many Endurolytes the individual athlete needs, which is why that suggestion is, as mentioned, very generalized... this is the one area in fueling that requires the most fine tuning on a semi-regular basis.

When fluid intake increases substantially, it will most likely be necessary to increase Endurolytes intake to match that increased fluid intake. In other words, if someone goes from 20 ounces per hour up to 26-28 ounces, chances are they'll need to increase their Endurolytes intake by 1, maybe 2, capsules per hour. This will help balance things out and help prevent over-hydration and the problems associated with that.

If you put two scoops of HEED in a water bottle you will have 210 calories and the equivalent of about 1.25 capsules of Endurolytes. So yes, if you're using HEED you can decrease your dose of Endurolytes by 1 per hour.

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