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Help with Cramps - Suggestions

Postby chazter » Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:08 pm

Hello new to the forum, I thought I posted a few weeks back but it looks like it never was posted for some reason...maybe a USER error. I was hoping the post made it prior to running my half marathon.

Anyways, I hope someone can help me out.

I recently completed a half marathon (April 6), but prior to that I was trying different methods to help alleviate cramping as my mileage got longer.

Here is my body stats; 43 years old, 5'6 185lbs...and a heavy sweater. I have read some recommendations (articles, here) prior to running but looks like my nemesis came back as I was nearing my finish of my half marathon. The half marathon was approx 45-55 degrees at the start and end...with approx 15 mph wind. I finished at 2:03 but was aiming under 2 hours.

This was my supplemental strategy in the race... 4 endurolytes 30 minutes prior to race, 1 heed gel with 12 ozs of heed 5 minutes prior to race time. During the race around 4 miles, I drank 8 ozs of perpetuem then at 6 miles drank another 8 ozs of perpetuem with 3 endurolytes. From that point on, I thought I would be fine

When I got to mile 10, I felt a twinge on my left calf. This is always the start of cramping when this occurs. Unfortunately, this was the hilly portion of the course. For the next 2.5 miles, I would cramp slightly in the calf but able to fight it off but it did keep on coming back. I would try to hit all the hydration spots for some water but still no luck. Also, I had no endurolytes with me. I was about 5 blocks away from the finish line, my left calf was really cramping hard and had to stop. It balled up into a baseball...I stopped and stretched for 2-3 minutes and gave it a final go. I finally finished at a very slow jog. This was very frustrating as I thought I was prepared. Evidently I wasnt as prepared.

After the finish, I wasnt happy but accepted for what it was. I walked around for 15 minutes, drank 8-10 oz of water, then drank another 16 ozs of recoverite with 4 endurolytes. 30-40 minutes later, It was time to leave. Now keep in mind, mentally when I know cramping occurs like this, I fear that my abs would cramp too. As it would happen, as I went to sit in my car, one of my left abs, balled up hard. I can actually feel the big lump. I immediately got out of the car to stretch it out. This process happened for the next 20 minutes, everytime I tried sitting in the car, the same ab muscle balled up.

I need your assistance in figuring out what I am doing wrong. Can you shed some guidance on what I need to do? This cramping always occurs to me in long distance events...I took a 3-4 year hiatus from running because I was discouraged. Now recently in the last 1.5 years, it seems anything going past an hour, I am acceptable to cramping.

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