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Half Marathon - Fueling

Postby chazter » Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:13 am

Hello all, new to the forum.

I was hoping you can give me some guidelines. I read a few articles and few posts but still confused on what I need to do, so if you can give me a general strategy, i would be most appreciative. I wish I have found this forum sooner as I can practice your suggestions.

Stats...Male, 43 years old, 5'6 at 185 lbs. a heavy sweater and prone to muscle cramping, the longer the distance. I am running a half marathon in about a week (April 6). I do expect to finish the half marathon around the 2 hour mark. I have tried several fueling strategies but not sure if I am doing it correctly. It has been a mixed bag. The race will be at 7:30 am (Central Illinois) probably around 45 degrees.

I am taking endurolytes pre (4 caps) and during the runs (3 caps, at 4.5 mi and 8 mi) on a 12 mile run. I am prone to cramping around 10-12 mile mark. This last week on a 12 mile run around 10.5 mi, I was fatiguing a bit and when I hit a sudden rise on the road, I had an abrupt break in the stride and I felt a sudden cramping twinge on the my right leg....thankfully I was able to adjust and the cramping did not get any worse but the twinge did happen again about a 2 min later but did not get any worse either.

Also during that run, I took a packet serving of perpetuem and split it up into 2, 12 oz mix. So along the endrolytes at 4.5 and 8 mi, I had a perpetuem 12 oz serving.

So, what else can I do pre and during the run or even prior? I plan on running this weekend...another 10 miler, then next week is the big 13.1

Thanks and forgive me for the newbie questions.
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