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RDB time in between

Postby rodwilsonsr » Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:06 am

Hey Hammer,
Question on the time in between RDB loading. Without reading the label, I thought it was 2-3 weeks, but I read the label this morning and it says 3-4 weeks.
I did a loading phase June 20th to the 23rd for an event on the 24th.
I have the Mount Washington hill climb this Saturday and I wanted to start a load tomorrow July 3rd to the 6th in prep for the event on the 7th.

Is this an acceptable amount of time in between or will I miss out on the real benefits?

Re: RDB time in between

Postby steve-born » Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:38 am

Hello Rod -

Generally, we recommend that the product not be used in a 4-day loading dose format on consecutive weeks, instead saving it for use prior to your "A" race. The reason is because doing consecutive loading doses on a fairly consistent basis will eventually create a "tolerance effect," meaning that you may theoretically not receive the same benefits as if you would if you had a 3-4 week "washout" period between races. A somewhat similar analogy is with caffeine - those who are habitual caffeine users will not receive the same ergogenic benefits as those who refrain from caffeine intake for a good 10-14 days prior to a race (but hey, who wants to do that?!?)

Seriously though, it is generally recommended that you allow at least a couple of weeks prior to doing another full 4-day loading dose. That said, if both of these races are key ones for you, and as long as you aren't doing 4-day loading doses with too much frequency (primarily because it will interfere with calcium absorption... not a good thing), I don't see any real issues with doing a 4-day load of Race Day Boost prior to each one. Chances are you will have gone through all of what you loaded with after the first race is completed, which is why doing another 4-day loading dose prior to the second race is acceptable, in my opinion.

Again, this is not something you want to do with any frequency because:

A) You will build up a tolerance to the sodium phosphate
B) Too much phosphate intake too frequently will interfere with optimal calcium absorption/utilization

However, if these two races are "A" or "darn-near-A" races for you then I don't think you will have any issues at all doing a 4-day load between each of them, and if you do experience less-than-optimal benefits on the second race, I don't think they will be significant enough to make a difference.

I hope this helps answer your questions, but if you need more information or clarification please let me know.

Sincerely -

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