Endurolyte Powder - how to fully dissolve?

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Endurolyte Powder - how to fully dissolve?

Postby Doug » Mon Jun 18, 2012 6:18 am

This year I've been using the Endurolyte powder in my Camelbak and supplemented with the capsules to get my dosage. This has been working well for me as I don't have to deal with as many capsules, which I find hard to swallow after 6 to 8 hours of heavy exertion.

Is there a recommended procedure to get the powder to fully dissolve in water? I've tried mixing the powder in a water bottle and shaking vigorously prior to pouring it into a bladder, but there is always powder that doesn't dissolve. I'd like to get 4 of the small scoops into 20 oz of water. Would making the mix in hot water the day before so the mix could cool before use be helpful?

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Re: Endurolyte Powder - how to fully dissolve?

Postby steve-born » Tue Jun 19, 2012 10:24 am

Hello Doug -

I have yet to find an effective way of getting all of the minerals in Endurolytes Powder to dissolve completely... incomplete dissolution just seems to be "the nature of the beast" when it comes to this particular product. That's why I tell athletes who want to use Endurolytes Powder to make sure to give their bottle a good shake prior to consumption. That way the minerals aren't sitting on the bottom of the bottle, but rather suspended in the liquid, which means that they'll be consumed.

All that said, I have not yet tried to mix the product in hot water the day before. I honestly don't know if doing that will help the dissolution process (do let us know if it does), nor do I know if premixing it a day prior to use will diminish the potency of the minerals (I can't see why it would but I honestly don't know).

Sorry I can't be of more assistance to you.

Sincerely -

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