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supplements and two-a-days

Postby gccampbell3 » Wed May 30, 2012 2:42 am

I'm looking for a bit of advice... my training consists of weight training, intervals, and a couple days of time trials and tempo workouts. Up until now on days I do intervals I have done them after a gym workout. I use 2 Race Caps, 1 Mito Cap, and 1 fish oil before workouts and 1 Race Cap, 2 Mito Caps, 4 Insurance Caps, and 1 fish oil after with Recoverite. If I were to split the workout up (weight training in the a.m. and intervals in the afternoon) would it be recommended to use those supplements before and after each workout? Is it even necessary for a gym workout where if any cardio is done it is very little and rare? Or is another plan altogether recommended? I appreciate any advice!

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Re: supplements and two-a-days

Postby steve-born » Wed May 30, 2012 12:09 pm

Hello Glenn -

If it were me doing the workouts you're doing, in the time frames that you're doing them in, and using the supplements that you're currently using, here would be my plan:

1) 1 Race Caps Supreme + 1 Mito Caps --- These contain essential nutrients (especially the Race Caps Supreme) for energy production, and I think your weight workouts would benefit from taking these two supplements prior to them. It's not 100% crucial that you take them, though I do think you'd receive benefits from them.

2) 2 Premium Insurance Caps + 1 fish oil after the workout with Recoverite

1) 1 Race Caps Supreme + 1 Mito Caps prior to workout

2) 1 Race Caps Supreme + 1 Mito Caps + 2 Premium Insurance Caps + 1 fish oil after the workout with Recoverite.

I am not a big fan of taking fish oil supplements prior to working out. "Burping up" fish oil is not pleasant at all; in fact, many a workout of mine has come to a screeching halt thanks to the unpleasantness of the smell of fish oil being "burped" during a workout. I save that product for after my workout or with a meal.

This is not a "set in stone" protocol but I think you'll get a lot of "bang out of your buck" following it.

I hope this helps.

Sincerely -

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