5 Hour Bottle of Endurolytes Mixture

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5 Hour Bottle of Endurolytes Mixture

Postby flipper67 » Tue Apr 17, 2012 3:06 am

OK, I am a big time cramper and forget to take my Endurolytes pills. Can I make up a 5 hour bottle to sip on just like my Perpetuem with a mixture of both Endurolytes powder and Fizz? My main concern is Ironman Lousiville in late August and Ride Across Indiana in late July.

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Re: 5 Hour Bottle of Endurolytes Mixture

Postby steve-born » Tue Apr 17, 2012 3:01 pm

Hello Phil -

Yes, you can make a concentrated mixture using an Endurolytes Powder/Endurolytes Fizz combination. I can't imagine that it would taste all that great, and there's still a chance that you'll forget to drink "X" amount of that mixture hourly (similar to you forgetting to take your hourly dose of Endurolytes capsules), but it can be done, and yes, I think that it would work just fine.

If you are wearing a watch or HR monitor or have a bike computer with a timer on it, you could set it to go off every 30-60 minutes (however often you take your Endurolytes). That would be the ideal solution if you're apt to forgetting to take your capsules.

Also, if you use the "quick coin" capsule dispensers ( to carry Endurolytes capsules in, just stick them underneath the leg of your tri/cycling shorts. They won't affect your pedal cadence but they will be darn near staring you in the face while you're on the bike, which serves as a reminder to take your Endurolytes. You'll be able to access the "quick coin" dispenser very easily, empty some Endurolytes into your mouth, and shove the "quick coin" dispenser back underneath your shorts. Takes 10 seconds tops and you can do it with one hand. Problem solved.

I mean this with no disrespect at all, but once you've cramped up big time (and many of us, myself included, have experienced that most unpleasant, performance-ruining problem), you rarely EVER forget to take your Endurolytes. Seriously, even if you have to tape a note on your bike that says "DON'T FORGET TO TAKE ENDUROLYTES" that would be worth doing... anything to remind you to take your Endurolytes would be better than cramping.

I hope this helps.

Sincerely -


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