First 100k -- On Perpetuem Alone!

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First 100k -- On Perpetuem Alone!

Postby BrianBier » Mon May 10, 2010 5:18 pm

I just finished my first 100k on my road bike this past Saturday as part of my training for my first Century ride later this year (the Hotter Than Hell Hundred in August -- in Texas!) I have been using Hammer's products for just a short time now, and was really excited to test out the Perpetuem on this ride as my sole fuel!

I was not 100% sure how long the ride would take and due to the hills and wind I had planned for 4 hours (finished in 3:44 -- second half was very rough uphill and into the wind!). The night before, I made a 4-hour bottle of Perpetuem and popped it in the freezer.

Morning of the ride, I had a Perpetuem shake blended with a banana 2 hours prior to the ride. To start the ride, I had my 4-hour bottle of Perpetuem, a bottle of HEED and a 5oz flask of Hammer Vanilla Gel (of which I never touched!).

So, the end result was awesome. Perpetuem WORKS!!! I sipped the bottle every 20 minutes or so and drank the HEED and then water. During the whole time, I never once felt hungry, tired (except from the hills and wind) or had and upset stomach! I didn't even partake in the wonderful spreads at the rest stops!!! I also took 2 Endurolytes and 1 Mito Cap each hour as well.

Thank you Hammer Nutrition for your wonderful products as well as your ongoing support and education!

Brian Bier
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