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Postby sgrusis » Thu May 06, 2010 3:19 pm

Don’t know if you heard about it, but stage 2 had massive headwinds (55mph w/ 60 mph gusts) starting with the cat 3 climb last part of the race. Crashed once. Got forced into a 180 twice. Forced off the road twice, and walked 3 times. Took me est 90 min to go 15 miles. The stage lasted about 5 hours for me.

The effects: Was dragging the next two days. The “thrill of the hunt” on stage 3’s TT seemingly gave me energy as if I had a shot of adrenaline and a respectable (for me) TT, then I started dragging again after the TT. I recognized it as adrenal stress. I started taking lots of Glutathione Peroxidase (GP). Slowly, steadily, that brought me back up. Stage 4’s crit went as expected and still started to drag after that again, but not as much. I kept up with the GP. For the final stage 5’s Gila Monster Stage, I was feeling pretty good. Now that I am home, I believe I just have normal “big event” after effects that are subsiding.

My opinion is that I was fortunate in diagnosing the problem as well as fortune in having the right nutrients with me. I wanted to get some feedback in case others believed it was something else.

Note: last time I did a stage race was Gila back in 2003. I took my usual compliment of HN supplements before, during and after the race. Other food was pretty much quality.
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