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"burning up" RDB

Postby jrawlins » Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:36 pm

I know Hammer says that if one trains hard in the 4 days of a RDB regimen one essentially "burns up" the benefits. Does this mean that if one does moderate work during those days one can compensate by upping the dosage?
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Re: "burning up" RDB

Postby steve-born » Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:12 pm

Hello Jack -

When you're doing a RDB load/regimen prior to an event, you should be doing little-to-nothing in the way of training. If you're not fit prior to an event, there's really nothing you can do to improve your fitness in the 4-or-so days leading up to the event. Those "matches" that you should be saving for the event are being burned by training when you should be resting or doing very little in the way of working out.

Theoretically, your suggestion of increasing the dose of Race Day Boost makes sense but it's not something I'd recommend -- first, for the above-mentioned reason (you should be resting, not training), and second, because your daily intake of sodium will increase significantly.

Every 1000 mg dose of Race Day Boost contains 193 mg of sodium if you do the 4-times-a-day-for-4-days loading dose protocol, you'll add 772 mg of sodium to your daily diet. Increasing the number of RDB servings you take during the 4-day regimen will increase that amount even more so. I would want to avoid doing that.

The best thing to do if you want to do a couple of easy "keep the blood flowing" type of workouts before an event, is to time them so that they come before the majority if not all of your four daily servings of Race Day Boost. That way you don't blow through all of what you're loading with daily.

I hope that makes sense and helps out.

Sincerely -

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