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Energy Surge for cyclocross

Postby killertofu » Sun Sep 25, 2011 8:17 am

So yesterday was my first race for the cross season, and to say I was pumped out of my mind would be an understatement. So when I got to the race I started to play around with some fueling ideas and something clicked. I was still in the mindset of the mountain season 2 + hour races, and eating on the bike. I was looking at my water bottles, wondering if I should even waste the HEED. I just kept thinking this race is gonna be an hour, an hour ten minutes at the most hopefully. Then I thought, "dude you should use energy surge for the entire race". Well I did, and it worked great. I packed a hammer pill purse with a few energy surges and tucked it away in my hammer skin suit (which has a really nice rear pocket for such packing) and was off to the grid. After an expresso gel, and a little HEED on the line, I popped a few surges in my mouth and was ready for the start. The race was great I was feeling fresh the whole time, and refueling with energy surges ( which I only really needed to do once) was super easy. I just waited for the section I knew I could fuel at and once was all it took. I finished a strong 10th in the CAT Expert 1-2 and owe a huge portion of that to Hammer, and how they have helped me learn to fuel right for each event. Im looking forward to a great cross season, and dialing in my nutrition with hammer. :evil:
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Re: Energy Surge for cyclocross

Postby steve-born » Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:51 am

Great fueling/supplementation plan, killertofu, and congratulations on your results. By taking in some calories just prior to the race you gave your body a small donation to augment your muscle glycogen stores. Plus, the Energy Surge that you took gave you a little "shot" of the end-product of food/fuel, metabolism (ATP). Absolutely perfect fuel/supplement plan for a race that's in that hour to hour-or-so duration.

One of the keys to making this work so well is "refilling the tank" ASAP with adequate amounts of carbohydrates and protein after all of your races. That's how your body "learns" how to store more glycogen in the muscles, muscle glycogen being the first fuel the body will use when a workout or race begins.

The athletes who are consistent with post-workout refueling as soon as possible (ideally within the first 30 minutes after the workout is completed) are the ones who have a HUGE advantage over the athletes who blew off or postponed post-workout refueling. Train wisely and "refill the tank" right away and you can build up a nice 60-90 minute reservoir of muscle glycogen... having that amount of such a premium fuel ready to serve you gives you a distinct advantage.

Congrats again on a great race and for sharing your fueling/supplement plan with us. Sounds like a winner to me!

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