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Postby natellerandi » Wed Sep 14, 2011 12:26 pm

Many of us are time-crunched. How do we fit all the training in that we need to do in order to reach out goals? Typically, the first thing we throw out is weight lifting because we usually equate lifting with spending tons of time in the gym. This is true if we lift heavy weights and, thus, need a lot of rest between sets in order to keep lifting the heavy weights.

This is not an ineffectual way of lifting weights. It's just not very practical nor time-efficient for endurance athletes. The way for us to maximize our time in the gym -- or at home -- is to look at lifting as more of a VO2max / LT type workout. Put together routines of multiple exercises, completing 10-20reps per exercise and resting only when you need a break. Keep shifting from lower body to upper body so that one set of muscles is getting a rest while another is working; this helps you "keep moving" through the routine you set up.

You can either do multiple routines of 3-4 exercises, or one routine of 10-12 exercises. The key is to mix it up as much as possible and make it an entire body workout.

Here is one example of a small routine that hits the entire body:
* 10 chin-ups
* 15 push-ups
* 20 floor wipers (look it up on YouTube)
* 20 bicycle kicks
* 20 bodyweight squats

If you want a built-in break, then rest for no more than 2min after the squats. Otherwise, once you do the squats go right back to the chin-ups. If you get to 6 chin-ups and need a break, then take one! But, then complete the final 4 chin-ups before going on to the next set of push-ups. And so on. If you were to do this routine for 20 minutes, you would get a great lifting routine completed in a minimal amount of time and your body would be toast. Very intense and very effective.

This type of routine is great in small doses. Every other or even every 3rd day is best, and no more than 3 times a week in the off-season. The beauty is that the only limitation is your imagination. Pick a different handful of exercises for each routine so that no 2 days are ever the same. Keep coming back to some "core" exercises -- like chin-ups or push-ups or squats -- so you can mark your progress, but overall variety is key. Variety will keep the workouts stimulating and keep you mentally engaged, and it will accelerate the body's adaptation to this type of lifting.

The goal isn't to bury yourself in the gym. Too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. The goal is to maximize the impact of lifting in a short amount of time so you can derive benefits from gym work. Ease into this stuff if you've never done it before or if you haven't lifted weights in awhile. The intensity of the workouts can be shocking. You don't want to feel like you were hit by a truck the next day! After a couple weeks, you'll be able to really start pushing yourself. I wouldn't say this is "fun", but I will say that you will gain a sense of accomplishment.

Happy Training,
Nate Llerandi
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Re: Tip of the Week

Postby levi-hoch » Wed Sep 14, 2011 2:13 pm

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Again, Happy training!
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